Would You Survive A Demonic Possession?

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When dark forces take hold, will you deliver yourself from evil?

  1. You swear a candle starts flickering of its own accord. How do you explain this?

    • It's a knock-on effect from the harmful chem-trails the government uses to control us
    • This could be mild evidence of a supernatural presence
    • There must be a draft coming in
  2. You wake up contorted into this unlikely position. What do you think has happened?

    • I need to get a new mattress, this one is making me sleep funny
    • I'm experiencing the early stages of possession
    • I practice sleep-Yoga
  3. Do you believe in demonic possession?

    • Yes, but only if all other alternatives can be refuted
    • Yes, the Illuminati make them happen to please our Reptilian Overlords
    • No, what a load of hooey
  4. Uh-oh. Your head has begun a 360 Turn. What do you do?

    • Start spewing green vomit and shouting obscenities - that movie was based on a real case, you know!
    • Shout at the nearest person to strap me down
    • Go to the Doctor's - I obviously have a neck problem
  5. These strange events keep piling up. What's your first move?

    • Read up on the subject
    • Sit and cry. I'm so confused!
    • Fashion myself a hat made of tinfoil
  6. A child's toy rolls along the floor towards you, moved by unseen forces. What do you do?

    • Pick it up and put it back on the shelf
    • Try to communicate with the spirit using a Ouija board
    • Take it outside, burn it and throw it in a dumpster
  7. OK, time to get a priest in to help. What kind of holy helper do you pick?

    • I'll find an unconventional maverick from an online chatroom
    • Battle-hardened and full of experience
    • Young, cute and steadfastly optimistic
  8. It's time to perform an Exorcism. How do you prepare?

    • I'll dress in a long white robe to show the bloodstains as clearly as possible
    • Read up on as much ancient evil lore as possible and strap myself down
    • A stiff drink
  9. What's the most dramatic thing that happens during your Exorcism?

    • I don't know, I'm kind of out of it
    • My eyes roll back and I speak in a voice that is not my own
    • I chew the priest's throat out, then crawl along the ceiling, covered in gore
  10. It seems like the Exorcism worked? Maybe? How do you feel?

    • Well... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...
    • I'll proceed with caution, the demon may still have designs on my soul
    • If I've gotten better, it'll be the power of suggestion that was effective
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