Which of the X-Men Are You?

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Welcome to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - You just joined the X-Men...

  1. It's your first day at the X-Mansion, and you've been assigned a room sharing with Nightcrawler. What do you do?

    • High five him, then see if he needs a hand with anything.
    • Stay pretty chill. Just like always...
    • Persuade him to help you sneak into the walk-in fridge and swipe some ice cream.
    • Storm out, then rein yourself in and head back with a peace offering.
    • Make a nest out of pillows and bed down for the night, feeling homesick.
    • Outright refuse. You don't share with anybody.
    • Completely freak out about it, but then become best friends with him as soon as you move in.
    • Stay on your side of the room, and never touch any of his things. Ever.
    • You'd already moved your stuff in before they told you. Somehow you just knew...
    • Stay strong. You might not like sharing, but it's the right thing to do.
  2. You're all moved in, finally. Now the real work begins. It's your first Danger Room session - and you and your team are being attacked by a Sentinel. What's the most important element in taking it down?

    • Quips.
    • Stealth.
    • Teamwork.
    • Brute force.
    • Brains.
    • Thinking about the problem.
    • Recon.
    • Being careful.
    • Keeping your cool.
    • Keeping it simple.
  3. Colossus takes you aside, and asks for some advice about a crush he has on one of your other teammates. What do you tell him?

    • "Does she have a friend?"
    • "Listen to your heart, it's always your most honest advisor."
    • "Kiss her, and see if sparks fly."
    • "Just ask her out, already."
    • Nothing - you're pretty upset it wasn't you.
    • "Keep it to yourself - nothing good'll come of it."
    • "It's all just chemistry, when it comes down to it."
    • "Make her laugh. Simple as that."
    • "Try to work out what she thinks about you, first."
    • "Just be professional and it'll be fine."
  4. Suddenly, The Juggernaut bursts in, throws you through a wall, and heads off to Professor X's office to cause trouble. You look down, and your ankle seems to be sprained. What do you do?

    • Ignore the pain, and limp off to help the professor.
    • Ice it, and try to slide yourself towards the action.
    • Find a shortcut to the professor's office, and help out as best you can.
    • Keep the waterworks to a minimum, and don't let the pain cloud your judgement.
    • Hang out on the floor for a while - the others'll make sure the professor is safe.
    • Find a way of getting to Professor X's office that keeps you off your feet.
    • Wait a few seconds. It'll be fine soon enough.
    • Take a second to absorb the situation, then suck it up and head over to the action.
    • Construct a sophisticated brace for your ankle out of whatever materials are to hand.
    • Find another way to warn the professor.
  5. You've earned your stripes now, and it's time for your first away mission. You've even been told to pick a partner. Which X-buddy do you head straight for?

    • Anyone you can have a good conversation about the latest scientific trends with.
    • Whoever most needs someone to keep an eye on them.
    • Just so long as they're always happy to speak their mind, you're easy.
    • Rogue. Just because...
    • Gambit. Just because...
    • Somebody solid, dependable and experienced.
    • No-one, you work best alone.
    • Someone funny. Or cute. Or preferably both.
    • A teammate who can fly. How else are you going to get there?
    • Any of the original X-Men.
  6. That away mission went south really quickly, and your partner's been captured by Sabretooth. You've tracked him down to a dark warehouse - where he's clearly expecting you. What do you do?

    • Think outside the box, and come up with an alternative way in to the building.
    • Get in there, take out Sabretooth, and get them back.
    • Take out Sabretooth from a distance, and worry about getting in afterwards.
    • Come up with an ingenious plan that'll mean Sabretooth never even knew what hit him.
    • Keep the situation relaxed with a few jokes and wait for someone more experienced to arrive.
    • Aerial bombardment. It's quick, it's effective, it's explosive.
    • Carefully take in the whole situation, then charge in anyway.
    • Wait for backup, and co-ordinate a plan as a team.
    • Sneak in and rescue your partner without Sabretooth ever noticing.
    • Take to the tunnels. There are always tunnels.
  7. The Avengers arrive for a hastily arranged team-up. Who are you most in awe of?

    • The Scarlet Witch. Redheads Rock!
    • Captain America. He's an inspiration.
    • Hawkeye. I just like the name...
    • Wait, I can't be in both?
    • The Black Panther. That dude's a bad-ass.
    • Ms. Marvel. I just feel strangely...drawn to her.
    • Iron Man. You've got to love a hero you can drink till 6am with.
    • Thor. Thunder God's are obviously the best.
    • The Black Widow. You've got to admire a woman that stealthy.
    • The Hulk. He gets the best lines.
  8. The world is in deadly peril. Magneto has taken over an abandoned space station, and is threatening to attack the planet with nuclear warheads unless his demands are met. What's your first response?

    • "Oh, My Stars and Garters!"
    • "Uh, wait. What?"
    • "$*%&*."
    • "Maybe we can reason with him?"
    • "I knew it!"
    • "We need to negotiate."
    • "We've gotta get up there!"
    • "I'm gonna kill him."
    • "We need a plan."
    • "He couldn't come up with anything a little more subtle?"
  9. You've finally decided on a plan - you'll head to the space station tomorrow morning in the Blackbird Jet. There's no guarantee you'll all make it back, though, so Professor X offers to order in whatever you want to eat. What'll it be?

    • Burger and fries, side of ketchup.
    • Fried chicken. A bucket of the stuff.
    • Ice Cream. A lot of it.
    • Tuna salad sandwich. Brain food!
    • A fancy salad: blue cheese, arugula, heirloom tomatoes - the works.
    • A po' boy. Actually, can you even get po' boys in upstate New York?
    • Chinese Takeout.
    • Pizza. It's a classic.
    • Steak. Rare.
    • Barbecue. With gravy.
  10. You've made it through Magneto's hench-mutants and you and the rest of the team have fought him to a standstill, and he's almost beaten. Now, though, it's just you versus him. The fate of the world depends on you. What do you do?

    • Find a way to disappear, and then take him out when he's not looking.
    • Reason with him, and if that doesn't work, take him out without killing him. X-Men don't kill.
    • Knock him out somehow, but try to keep him alive.
    • Find a way to persuade him to change his mind.
    • Keep moving, distract him, and then take him out from a distance.
    • Kill him. It's the only way the world can be safe.
    • Offer him a deal...
    • Hit him with everything you've got. Preferably non-lethally.
    • Out-think him.
    • Irritate him with quips until he concedes defeat...or gets sloppy.
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