Which American Horror Story FREAK Are You?

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Wir Sind Alle Freaks... We Are All Freaks...

  1. Describe your general fashion sense.

    • Simple - jeans and T-shirt
    • Uniquely tasteful
    • Meep!
    • Classic elegance
  2. What would friends say is your worst quality?

    • Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep!
    • I can be two-faced
    • I can be a little... complicated
    • I'm a rage-a-holic
  3. Do you tend to get on well with a partner's parents?

    • Meep Meep Meep
    • Yeah, I'm a charmer
    • Ooohh... your Mamma won't like me!
    • OMG the very idea of meeting the in-laws scares me!
  4. How would you say you are as a lover?

    • Surprising...
    • What an impertinent question!
    • I'll blow your mind, baby
    • Meep meep? Meeeeep!
  5. How do you feel about authority figures?

    • I let them think they're in control, but I go my own way
    • I could use a little direction, I guess
    • Meep Meep Meep
    • I have a serious problem with authority
  6. Pick a sin...

    • Envy
    • Anger
    • Meep.
    • Lust
  7. Which of these situations is most likely to make you nervous?

    • A promising first date
    • Nothing scares me
    • Tension in the workplace
  8. Pick a song to perform at karaoke.

    • Sexual Healing
    • Meep-Meep.... Meep.
    • Freak Like Me
    • Like a Virgin
  9. Do you have Mommy issues?

    • What? No! Who told you that? I don't know what you're talking about!
    • Meep meeep meep meep
    • No, I'd do anything for my mother
    • Kid, that's the least of my worries
  10. C'mon... How much of a freak are you?

    • I'm not a freak, I'm special
    • Yeah, I'm a freak, and proud of it!
    • I can get freaky sometimes...
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