Which Video Game Character Are You?

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Find the character that matches your personality!

  1. An enemy is charging at you, what do you do?

    • Break their eye-line then find a way to sneak up on him.
    • No need to fight, I can run like the wind!
    • Wait...then jump on his head.
    • Sounds tasty...I'll just eat them!
    • Smack him with a crowbar!
    • Electrocution time!!
    • Space-Jump over him while blasting him apart!
    • No problem, I have my trusty bow and arrow on hand!
    • I've got duel-wielding pistols...no problem!
    • Take out my rocket launcher...boom!
  2. You've got to find a way inside a building, how do you get in?

    • Either drive my car through the door or shoot the place apart!
    • I think I saw a warp-pipe here somewhere...
    • Can I eat the walls?
    • Cortana will help me hack my way in!
    • I can scale anything, I'll find a way in!
    • A crowbar can get me in anywhere!
    • There's got be a bridge I can run on to get in there!
    • I'm going to need a special item to get in this dungeon!
    • Electrocute the guards :D
    • Tactical espionage is my speciality!
  3. What happens if you die?

    • I just fall really...
    • I drop my crowbar... :(
    • I fall through the bottom of the floor...magically!
    • My mouth opens so wide I implode...
    • In my latest game I die horribly...brutal stuff!
    • My tail gets super sad :(
    • Lost the leeead!
    • My friends SCREAM out my name!
    • I walk out of a hospital unscathed!
    • A choir sing as 'Game Over' appears!
  4. What do you use for health?

    • Golden circular coins!
    • I can eat wildlife for strength in the forest!
    • Green health vials!
    • Shrooms man, shrooms!
    • I only have lives, no health!
    • I heal over time, because I can!!
    • Floating hearts in circles...yeah!
    • Electricity!
    • Gotta keep filling up those heart containers!
    • Comes back over time!
  5. Where do you live?

    • I never sit still!
    • In space and on several planets! I have no real home.
    • I live in the world of American espionage!
    • From a small little ball :D
    • A futuristic eastern Europe!
    • The real world, but I travel a lot!
    • Near the shrine of the Master Emerald ;)
    • A made-up Italian wonderland with mushrooms!
    • The land of Hyrule!
    • It sounds like Vice...oh wait.
  6. Describe your personality!

    • I'm a self-righteous ass, and I love it!
    • I'm serious and cold, but I have to be.
    • It'sa ME! How could I not be happy?!
    • I'm just hungry...
    • A brave and powerful little kid!
    • I'm a hero, you make the personality, I just fight the Combine.
    • One woman who could annihilate any of you!
    • I've got the deepest voice in video game history!
    • Electric ;)
    • Hyper-active, seriously!
  7. What's your theme song like?

    • I play it on my ocarina.
    • Epic, a huge choir sing my theme!
    • Super futuristic, great bass!
    • Gotta catch 'em AAALL!!
    • The sound of the 80s!
    • No real theme song, just great sound effects, like when I get caught! *WHEEM*
    • I have an opening song, then you just hear me eat :D
    • It depicts a far off land filled with adventure!
    • Gotta go fast!!
    • The catchiest music in video game history!
  8. How many games are you in?

    • Just one, but it's the best of them all!
    • Loads, and you speed through them too!
    • A lot, but I've remained Solid throughout...or have I?
    • There's the classic one, and I'm still eating away at it!
    • I'll always rescue the princess, and she gets caught a lot!
    • 2, though they have different episodes...
    • A serious amount, but I'm hard to find at times.
    • I'm a girl who just keeps coming back and starting again!
    • At least 5, though I've left my makers!
    • Sooo many, but they are all SUPER!
  9. Who's your arch nemesis?

    • Ivo Robotnik!!
    • G-man, damn you!!!
    • Anyone I pass on the street, I will kill you all!
    • I've too many, including myself!
    • Depends...lions, tigers...sharks.
    • Gravemind...or maybe Truth!
    • Ganondorf...you fiend.
    • All those damn turtles!
    • Ghosts...nomnomnom!
    • Anyone that threatens Ash!
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