Which DC Villain Are You?

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Because, let's be real. Deep down, we all want to take over the world.

  1. How do your politics lean?

    • Fear-mongering is a great way to lead IMO
    • Capitalist, big business is good for the economy
    • I go back and forth on the issues
    • I think scientists and knowledgeable experts are most fit to lead
    • Tyranny with me as the tyrant
    • A strong military is the most important part of a government
    • Libertarian, limited government is best
    • Wealthy old-money families should run our government since they know the most about how to handle power
  2. What kind of music do you like?

    • I just like the sound the money machine makes
    • Country and hip hop
    • Heavy metal
    • Classical
    • House music
    • Old Italian music, like in The Godfather
    • Trumpets and battle drums
    • Who needs music?
  3. Which of these jobs seems most appealing to you?

    • Professional athlete
    • Law Enforcement
    • Entertainer
    • Finance
    • Armed forces
    • Neuro Surgeon
    • Mafioso
    • Lawyer
  4. What part of town do you like best?

    • Upscale city neighborhood
    • Little Italy
    • Downtown
    • Broadway/Hollywood/Las Vegas Strip
    • College campus
    • The mean streets
    • The penthouse of a skyscraper that overlooks the city
    • Wherever I need to be
  5. Who annoys you most?

    • My old self
    • The enemy
    • Myself
    • Bullies
    • Almost everyone
    • Authority figures
    • My frenemy
    • People who lack common sense and logic
  6. What is your worst nightmare?

    • Confronting reality
    • Losing your mind
    • Losing all of your money
    • Losing the ability to speak
    • Being seen naked in front of a crowd
    • Someone taking your job
    • Confronting your past
    • Losing in a fight
  7. Describe yourself in a word

    • Smart
    • God-like
    • Different
    • Unique
    • Strategic
    • Fair-minded
    • Great
    • Determined
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