The Ultimate Dark Knight Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Trilogy?

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So you think you know your Caped Crusader? Well, get ready to prove it, in this ultra-tough quiz based on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy...

  1. An easy one to start: Who designed the Joker's make-up for The Dark Knight?

    • Director, Christopher Nolan
    • Production Designer, Nathan Crowley
    • Costume Designer, Lindy Hemming
    • Star, Heath Ledger
  2. Of the three movies in the trilogy, The Dark Knight made the most money at the US box office - but where does it currently stand on the all-time domestic leaderboard?

    • 4th
    • 3rd
    • 2nd
    • 6th
  3. In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman remarks - after Selina Kyle disappears from a rooftop - "So that's what that feels like." What DC Graphic Novel was that line taken directly from?

    • Kingdom Come
    • The Dark Knight Returns
    • The Killing Joke
    • Batman & Son
  4. Christian Bale is 6ft tall - but, according to DC Comics, how tall is Batman supposed to be?

    • 6'2"
    • 6'1"
    • 6'0" - Bale was dead on.
    • 6'3"
  5. Aaron Eckhart has said he modelled his performance as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight on which famous political figure?

    • John F. Kennedy
    • Robert F. Kennedy
    • Bill Clinton
    • Barack Obama
  6. Which of these classic Batman story-lines did Batman Begins NOT reportedly draw inspiration from?

    • Batman: The Long Halloween
    • Batman: Year One
    • Batman: The Man Who Falls
    • Batman: Hush
  7. Christopher Nolan has revealed that the theme for Batman Begins was 'Fear, and the theme for The Dark Knight was 'Chaos.' What was the theme for The Dark Knight Rises, though?

    • Death
    • Pain
    • Loss
    • Anger
  8. You probably already knew that The Dark Knight Rises is the longest film in the trilogy - but just how long is it?

    • 140 minutes
    • 165 minutes
    • 175 minutes
    • 150 minutes
  9. David Dastmalchian, star of Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man, actually appeared in The Dark Knight back in 2008. But who did he play?

    • Dopey
    • A paramedic
    • Chechen
    • The Joker's Thug
  10. And, finally: How much did the Trilogy make - in total, for all three films combined - at the international box office?

    • $2,863,492,119
    • $2,463,216,216
    • $2,601,573,580
    • $1,858,569,203
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