Which Horror Movie Heroine Are You?

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A maniac is on the loose, and killing of your friends one-by-one. We all know you'd survive, but how would you?

Make sure to leave a comment with who you got!

  1. Which phrase best describes you?

    • Timid & Intelligent
    • Resourceful & Outgoing
    • Bad-ass Mofo
    • Quick On Your Toes
    • Sassy & Quick-witted
  2. You're in the house alone, and are getting repeat threatening calls, what would your response be?

    • Lure them into a trap
    • You threaten them right back
    • You reply with sarcasm and disbelief
    • Run out of the house to find help
    • Hang up
  3. Choose a Weapon.

    • Axe
    • Pitchfork
    • Gun
    • Flamethrower
    • Booby Traps
  4. Choose a Personality.

    • The Visionary
    • The Artist
    • The Survivor
    • The Thinker
    • The Protector
  5. Who Are Your Friends?

    • Your Fellow Officers and Colleagues
    • Pop Culture Influenced Teens Who Know How to Fight Back
    • Some Mildly-Sexed Crazed Teens, Who Have A Tendency to Rebel and Break The Rules
    • Some Normal Teenagers Looking For Fun
    • Sex Crazed Teens To Busy Having Sex To Notice You're All Going Missing
  6. What is Your Worst Nightmare?

    • A Child-Murderer
    • An Unknown Life Form
    • A Machete Maniac
    • Knife-wielding Stalker
    • A Pop-Culture Crazed Killer
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