Which Gotham Villain Are You?

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In the dark and dirty streets of Gotham, where would you fit in? Are you a bad-ass street kid, an evil genius or just a fan of beating and bullying your way to the top? Take the quiz to find out who you would be - after all, we can't all be Batman!

Note: This quiz is based primarily on the tv show, not the original comics.

  1. How do you react if someone is trying to pick a fight with you (and they're a lot bigger than you)?

    • Knock him out, then knock out his friends for good measure.
    • Beg him politely to reconsider....but if he doesn't, brutally murder him with whatever object you happen to have nearby
    • Run and hide
    • You've got this: just go for the eyes
    • Talk your way out of it
    • Laugh and calmly tell them about what that guy over in the corner said about them. It would be a shame if he wasted all his anger on little ol you.
  2. Pick a drink

    • Coffee, and lots of it.
    • A good red wine
    • A healthy smoothie
    • Martini - extra dirty
    • White Russian
    • Scotch - the best you've got
  3. What would be your ideal career?

    • Acting or modelling.
    • Novelist.
    • Something in science, research probably.
    • King. (That's still a career, right?)
    • CEO of a large company
    • Circus performer; either acrobat or lion tamer!
  4. What do you do after work in the evenings?

    • The evenings ARE when I work.
    • Go for a run or walk in the park for some fresh air.
    • Do some reading or play board games
    • Relax at home alone with your pet.
    • Sit down to a big family dinner.
    • Go out for a drink with colleagues; it's all about networking.
  5. You suspect a friend of lying to you. What do you do?

    • Mention the situation subtly, but repeatedly until you get the truth without them even realizing it.
    • Nothing. Maybe they have a good reason.
    • Ask everyone else involved and find out every detail before confronting them and cutting them out of your life.
    • Walk right up and ask them about it. Even if you get in a fight, at least you'll know.
    • Plot revenge.
    • Invite them over for drinks and make them comfortable enough to come clean to you. Tell them they are forgiven, but never forget.
  6. Who would you say you are in your social circle?

    • The leader.
    • The clown.
    • The sexy one. Obviously.
    • The brains of the operation.
    • The adventurer - always convincing people to take risks.
    • WHAT social circle?
  7. Pick a color:

    • Deep red.
    • Green.
    • Gold.
    • Very dark purple.
    • Navy blue.
    • Black.
  8. How would you describe your style?

    • Classic and clean.
    • You love to make a statement and use your clothes to be the center of attention at all times.
    • Always put together, but you can adapt your style to any occasion.
    • Eclectic and a little bit hipster, but not too out there.
    • A little bit hippy, and all natural fabrics.
    • A little bit rock'n'roll with lots of black.
  9. What kind of music do you prefer?

    • Rock and Electronic - heavy and pumping
    • Acoustic guitar - soft and sweet.
    • Jazz - complicated and interesting.
    • I don't mind, I'll listen to whatever you want.
    • Pop-punk.
    • Classical and Opera.
  10. Where would you rather live?

    • A city penthouse; concierge, elevator into the living room, the works.
    • A cottage in the country, or maybe a farm.
    • A large detached house with grounds and a big gate.
    • On a yacht. With servants.
    • In a small townhouse, all alone.
    • A loft in the city.
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