Would you be in the Order of the Phoenix or a Death Eater?

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When the final battle happens, which side will you really be on?

  1. What is the core of your wand?

    • Unicorn tail hair
    • Dragon Heartstring
    • Veela Hair
    • Phoenix Feather
  2. What would you need first in the Room of Requirement?

    • A comfy couch so I can just be alone to think
    • Equipment to practice DADA
    • A place to hide something
    • A place to escape and plot against the Carrows
  3. Quick! There's a troll in the dungeon! How do you react?

    • Go fight the troll!
    • What are the professors saying to do? Yeah, let's do that!
    • AHHHHHHH!!!!!
    • Run and hide in the common room!
  4. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

    • I would be helping the people I care about
    • I'd have Wi-Fi at Hogwarts
    • I'd be Head Boy/Girl
    • I'd be the brightest witch/wizard of my age
  5. If you were caught in a duel but you didn't have your wand on hand, which of these items would you choose to fight with?

    • A pair of dirty socks
    • My sweet dance moves
    • A toilet paper roll
    • An orange
  6. You find Harry's Invisibility Cloak in the Great Hall, what do you do?

    • I'd probably hand it in to Dumbledore after playing around with it a bit, mainly sneaking down to the kitchens after curfew
    • Play tons of pranks on my enemies
    • Finders keepers! Sorry, Potter!
    • Return it to Harry, of course!
  7. Your best friend wants to start dabbling in the Dark Arts. How do you respond?

    • "Can I join?"
    • "Are you kidding?! You could be killed - or worse, expelled!"
    • I wouldn't be friends who would do that in the first place!
    • "Well, as long as you're only dabbling. Go for it, buddy!"
  8. Pick a deadly sin:

    • Greed
    • Wrath
    • Envy
    • Pride
  9. You're in a duel. Think fast! What's your go-to spell?

    • Expelliarmus!
    • Reducto!
    • Stupify!
    • Avada Kedavra!
  10. The Hogwarts house-elves are going to let you pick dinner for the night! Pick a food:

    • Burritos
    • Sushi
    • Pizza
    • Burgers
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