Which Vampire Diaries BFF Should Guide You Through Mystic Falls?

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Life in Mystic Falls literally has teeth, and if you're going survive in this town you need a brilliant BFF to guide you, but which of the lovely Vampire Diaries ladies is your true spirit guide? There's only one way to find out...

  1. So, you've decided to uproot your life and move to Mystic Falls. What's your main motivation?

    • I have a strong sense that I was always meant to live here
    • I want to stir things up a bit, it's far too peaceful around here these days
    • I feel like I know the residents so well that they are almost like my best friends
    • It's like the romance I've always been searching for is waiting for me there
  2. It's your first day in town, what would you like to do?

    • I don't know, maybe set fire to something or do some creepy stalking. Everybody has to have their interests!
    • I want to check out the gorgeous forests on the outskirts. I vote we picnic!
    • I want to get to know the people here, I'm a bit of a social butterfly!
    • Is there a party on or something?
  3. This place is literally crawling with hotties, but what sort of guy catches your eye?

    • I can't say I really have a physical 'type,' but I'm drawn to passionate individuals
    • Whoever is the most into me, flattery will get you everywhere
    • I look for a surname that begins with S, always have done really
    • Someone who seems honest and sincere... A tight t-shirt doesn't hurt either!
  4. Night has fallen, how are you and your BFF going to while away the evening?

    • One word. Mischief
    • A sleepover complete with pizza and spooky movies
    • Cocktails and chatting at a local bar
    • Dancing and shots, please!
  5. You're more hungover than you've ever been. How are you going to cope?

    • Asprin, PJs and copious whinging should do it
    • My BFF has her own special magic cure!
    • Plenty of sleep and a few phone calls to gossip about the night before
    • I don't get hangovers anymore
  6. You nip out for a manicure, what color nail polish do you choose?

    • Green
    • Pink
    • Black
    • Purple
  7. Uh oh! You've just realized you and your BFF are into the same guy. How is this situation going to do down?

    • She's known him longer than me anyway. I'll graciously step down
    • Nevermind. I'll just kill the bitch
    • I say always follow your heart, no matter what!
    • Pffft! We would never be into the same guy
  8. You celebrate resolving your dude drama with a road trip, where do you want to go?

    • New York
    • I'd drop a pin on a map and go wherever it takes me
    • The beach
    • Somewhere my parents always told me not to go
  9. What would you say is your best feature?

    • There's never a dull moment around me!
    • I'm fun to be around
    • I'm fiercely loyal to my friends
    • I try my best to be the most awesome friend anyone could possibly have
  10. And, your worst?

    • Casual murder
    • I can be selfish
    • I lack focus when it comes to my own life
    • I tend to be envious of others
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