Which Side of Marvel's Civil War Would You Be On?

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Wondering which side of Marvel's upcoming Civil War you'd be on? Well, wonder no more, as this here quiz'll let you know whether you'd be teaming up with Captain America, or with Iron Man...

  1. You've just accidentally wandered into a barrage of cosmic waves, and been granted superpowers. You decide to become a superhero, but first you have to decide whether or not to keep your identity secret. What do you do?

    • Keep my identity a secret - that's half the fun of being a hero.
    • Wear a mask at all times when using my powers - I have to protect my family and friends from harm.
    • Try to keep it a secret, but it's no big deal. If someone works it out, that's cool with me.
    • Announce my identity to the general public - they deserve to know who's protecting them.
  2. You quickly make a lot of progress with this whole hero thing, and a couple of different heroes offer to mentor you. Who do you choose?

    • Mr. Fantastic
    • Daredevil
    • Captain Marvel
    • The Falcon
  3. A local thug attempts to mug your beloved uncle, and beats him to a bloody pulp. What do you do?

    • Find him, and throw him off a building.
    • Track the thug down myself, and hand him over to the authorities.
    • Find the villain, and beat him to within an inch of his life, too.
    • Call the cops, and let the system deal with him.
  4. You've been dating someone for almost a year - since before you became a superhero. They ask you to plan something special for your anniversary - what do you arrange?

    • A romantic night in, just the two of you.
    • A meal at their favorite restaurant, followed by drinks wherever they feel like after they've eaten.
    • A massive party.
    • Something extravagant, with fireworks, flowers and a horse and carriage ride.
  5. Suddenly, though, your partner breaks up with you - saying they can't deal with your constant mysterious disappearances any more. What do you do?

    • Tell them it's probably for the best - I wouldn't ever want them to get hurt.
    • Come up with a really good excuse - something involving time travel - and persuade them to not break up with me.
    • Tell them the truth - and reveal my secret identity.
    • Make them my sidekick.
  6. A major disaster happens in a small town near you - the result of some teenage superheroes being pretty terrible at their job. There are calls to register superheroes, so that no hero can operate without the government's permission. What do you do?

    • Register. It's my duty to obey the government, even if I don't like the order.
    • Go underground, and fight crime no matter what.
    • Take the fight to the government - it's not their place to try to control us.
    • Lead a strikeforce to take out any un-registered heroes - they're a menace.
  7. The Superhero Registration Act that follows is hugely divisive - and leads to a civil war between superheroes. Your superhero mentor ends up on the other side to you - what's your response?

    • Tell the press that they're a traitor, and that you'll never forgive them.
    • Try to persuade them to join your side - but if they won't, use your knowledge of their weaknesses to try to take them down.
    • Try to persuade them to join your side - and never give up, no matter what happens.
    • Release a statement to the press highlighting the tragedy of the situation, no matter how right your cause may be.
  8. You're asked to lead a strikeforce of heroes to take on the opposing side in a final battle. Who's your first pick for your team?

    • Ant-Man
    • The Black Panther
    • The Human Torch
    • She-Hulk
  9. The plan for the final fight is all set - but it's up to you to decide where you'll make your stand. Where'll the fight take place?

    • Our home base - where we'll have the upper hand.
    • In a whole other dimension, where no-one can get hurt.
    • On the streets, where people can see who's right and who's wrong.
    • Underground, and as far away from civilians as possible.
  10. In the midst of the climactic battle, you suddenly realize that several civilians are being put in harm's way. What do you do?

    • Do what you can to get them to safety - and then get back to the battle.
    • Concentrate on the fight - collateral damage is tragic, but sometimes inevitable.
    • Call an immediate ceasefire - you can't risk innocent lives.
    • Call out the leaders of the other side, and remind them this is their fault.
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