Which Marvel Movie Character Are You?

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Are you the quick tempered Rocket or a misunderstood Bruce Banner?

  1. You see someone being beat up in the street what do you do?

    • Ask the attacker why he's doing it
    • The only way the victim will get any where is if he learns the ways of the world
    • Not being paid to, not gonna help.
    • He got himself into that mess, why should I care?
    • Give the attacker a few punches to give the victim a head start then leave
    • Don't interfere, I can't risk getting involved
    • Throw something at the attacker then runaway
    • Run in and help the victim out
    • Walk on. It's not my business
    • Oooh butterfly......
  2. What kind of company do you like to keep?

    • Good men. The best men I know.
    • I don't like to go near people much...
    • Strong people. Fighters.
    • The people that let me forget what I've done
    • Social outcasts. Like me.
    • Who ever will have me, I love everyone....
    • Only the best. Top of the top.
    • I stay near the people I trust
    • People. Ahhhh. I hate 'em!
    • The people that are in my best interests
  3. A deadly enemy is right in front of you, how do you face them?

    • Talk. Lets see if it has to come to a fight. If it does. I'm gonna hit them with no mercy
    • Maybe they're misunderstood, I should give them a chance to explain.
    • Find their weak point and strike
    • Pick up the nearest projectile and throw it at them
    • Why not be friends?
    • Try and smart talk your way out of the situation
    • Face them head on
    • I'm gonna get my biggest gun and if they don't move out my way I swear to god I'll blow them to hell.
    • I REALLY don't want to get in a confrentation
    • Blast them with all your might
  4. Someone close to you commits a felony. How do you handle it?

    • Ahh sell them out for money
    • By the laws they must be condemned. I feel sorry for them but they must be punished.
    • Screw them, friends no more
    • Its not their fault, I can bring them back from the wrong choices
    • Get as far away from them as possible
    • I still love them....
    • I don't really have enough friends to say
    • If it is for the right reasons I don't see why I should judge
    • I've done some bad things in my life and they forgive me for them so I will forgive my friend
    • I'm handing them over to the authorities. They shouldn't of done that.
  5. What kind of films do you like?

    • Espionage films
    • Guns. Explosions. BOOM!
    • Those about the good life. Booze, money and sex.
    • Fantasy epics
    • Rebels. People going against the law
    • Action flicks
    • Underdog stories
    • Small character driven films
    • Films about hopes and dreams
    • Romantic films
  6. Which of these do you aspire to most?

    • To start anew, leave my past behind me and to have moved on
    • I want to be successful and for people to like me for me
    • Why would I want things to change? My life is awesome!
    • I don't want anything big and fancy. I just want to be stable with people I trust
    • I don't care where I am, as long as the world is safe
    • To be settled down, nothing special
    • I'll go where ever the wind takes me
    • To be with my trusted friend doing what we love most
    • To be batheing in riches
    • I want to be fighting with allies
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