Which "Arrow" Character Are You?

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For a lot superheroes geek's "Arrow" is a great tv show...let's find out which "Arrow" character are you :)

  1. Now you have the superpower what is the first thing you will do before start protect your city

    • Nothing I'll immediatelly start beat up anyone who is out of law
    • Start training and get ready to be a superhero
    • I've been through hell to get here...I'm not the same person anymore
    • Find someone who can help me to be stronger
  2. You decide will you work alone

    • I tried to work alone but I decide to work with the group that makes me who I am
    • No I can't work alone but I will try to keep everyone who workes with me safe
    • I tried to work alone but it just didn't work out...I need someone to be my mentor
    • No but I will do whatever I want no matter what are their opinion about it
  3. Who knows your real identity

    • No one but the person who is training me
    • Just the pepole I work with
    • Anyone who should know
    • The pepole I work with and my family
  4. Pick up a batman character

    • Catwoman
    • Robin
    • Batman
    • Batgirl
  5. Your favourite DC league

    • Young Justice
    • Justice League
    • Assassin League
    • Teen Titans
  6. Pick up a movie

    • Eat pray love
    • Cast away
    • Hitman
    • Anger management
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