Which Member of The Fantastic Four Are You?

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Mr. Fantastic. Invisible Woman. Human Torch. The Thing. Which One Are You?

  1. If you first realized you got powers, how would you react?

    • PANIC!
    • Have fun.
    • Stay calm.
    • Try to figure out a way to reverse it.
  2. Would you rather have brains or brawn?

    • Neither.
    • Whatever makes me look good.
    • Brawn.
    • Brains.
  3. If all of your loved ones are trapped in a burning house who would you save first?

    • My siblings.
    • My parents.
    • My spouse.
    • I would try to figure out how to save everybody.
  4. If your best friend became a villain what would you do?

    • Stop him before he/she could do any harm.
    • Join him.
    • Try to reason with him.
    • I don't have time for friends.
  5. What was your favorite subject in school?

    • None of them.
    • Gym.
    • Math.
    • Science.
  6. If the world was about to be eaten by Galactus what would you do?

    • Fight him and save the world.
    • Panic,Cry, Scream, Repeat
    • Protect my loved ones.
    • Have one last awesome night.
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