Are You the Ultimate Fast and Furious Fan?

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Are you a totally Fast and the Furious gearhead, or just another tire kicker?

  1. In The Fast and the Furious what is the name of the street race Dom invited Brian to?

    • Car Wars
    • Race Wars
    • Need for Speed Challenge
    • Drag Champs
  2. Which musician has not appeared in a Fast and Furious film?

    • Rita Ora
    • Kanye West
    • Ja Rule
    • Ludacris
  3. Which character earned the nickname Bullitt?

    • Tej Parker
    • Dominic Toretto
    • Roman Pearse
    • Brian O'Conner
  4. What superhero graces Twinkie's car in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift?

    • The Flash
    • The Hulk
    • Quicksilver
    • Spiderman
  5. In Fast & Furious and Fast Five, which prison is Dom being transported to?

    • Lompoc
    • Victorville
    • Mendota
    • Atwater
  6. Over the course of the first six films, how many cars has Brian O'Conner driven?

    • 18
    • 10
    • 25
    • 20
  7. Which of these amazing stunts haven't we seen in a Fast and Furious film?

    • Driving with an enormous safety vault tied to the car
    • Driving through burning plane fuselage
    • We've seen all these stunts!
    • Driving underneath a truck
  8. In Fast & Furious 6, which organization is attacked?

    • The United Nations (UN)
    • World Health Organization (WHO)
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
    • International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)
  9. Which city does Dom lay low in after hijacking fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic in Fast & Furious?

    • Guatemala City
    • New York City
    • Panama City
    • Mexico City
  10. What is the name of Brian and Mia's baby boy?

    • Jack
    • Kane
    • Julian
    • Brian Jr.
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