Which Hunger Games District Do You Belong In?

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Will you be quaffing canapes with Effie or empowering the people with Katniss?

  1. What kind of approach do you take to getting dressed in the morning?

    • Something practical - I'm pretty active
    • Stylish and classy - I like to look smart
    • I take every day as a new opportunity to wear something fabulous
    • Something low-key: I don't try to seek attention
  2. Pick a food...

    • Sandwiches
    • Sushi
    • Pizza
  3. Which of these is a bad habit of yours?

    • I'm addicted to my technology - I can't ever put my phone down
    • I can be quite blunt and accidentally offend people
    • I'm bad at budgeting - I just can't resist splurging!
    • I can be pretty closed off - it's hard to get to know me
  4. Pick a color.

    • Green
    • Gold
    • All of them
    • Black
  5. What's the most important element of a great party?

    • Influential people to network with
    • Getting the atmosphere swinging
    • Great friends
    • Decent food
  6. Which of these jobs would suit you best?

    • Spy
    • Cook
    • Socialite
    • Hairdresser
  7. What would you do if you lost a board game?

    • Smash the board over my opponent's head
    • I don't play board games, ever
    • I never lose
    • Concede graciously
  8. Pick a TV show.

    • A good nature documentary
    • To Catch a Predator
    • The Apprentice
    • I don't really watch TV
  9. Which of these would be your best spirit animal?

    • A big shaggy dog
    • A beautiful bird
    • A persian cat
    • A tiger
  10. If you had a bad dream, what would it most likely be about?

    • Trying to run and being frozen
    • I usually sleep very well, actually
    • Getting attacked
    • Something to do with work
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