The Ultimate Walking Dead Quiz Only a True Fan Would Pass

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Could your knowledge rival Rick's or are you more brain dead than a walker?

  1. Who was the first walker we saw on the show?

    • The bicycle woman
    • The little bunny slippers girl
    • A hospital patient
    • Morgan's wife, Jenny
  2. In Season 1 at the CDC, which country does Dr. Jenner think may have a cure?

    • China
    • New Zealand
    • Brazil
    • France
  3. Daryl favors the crossbow, Michonne has her katana, but what weapon is Rick Grime's signature?

    • Brass knuckles
    • Machete
    • Rifle
    • Revolver
  4. In Season 2, who shoots an injured and bloody Daryl in the head, mistaking him for a walker?

    • Glenn
    • Dale
    • Andrea
    • Lori
  5. In Season 2, what are the walkers in the Greene's barn being fed?

    • Deer
    • Squirrels
    • Chickens
    • Rats
  6. What happened to Daryl and Merle's mother?

    • Their father beat her to death in front of them
    • She died in a house fire caused by her cigarette
    • She abandoned the family when they were young, leaving them with their abusive father
    • We don't know, presumably she died in the outbreak
  7. In Season 3, In their 10 months locked in the prison cafeteria, what did the prisoners use the walk in chiller for?

    • Trapping walkers
    • A safe room
    • Food storage
    • A toilet
  8. In Season 3, The Governor's researcher, Milton, is studying a dying Woodbury resident, what is that residents name?

    • James Earl
    • Daniel Rutherford
    • Michael Coleman
    • John O'Conner
  9. What was Glenn's job before the outbreak?

    • Pizza delivery boy
    • Mailman
    • Business student
    • Computer programmer
  10. In Season 4, one of the walkers outside the prison wears a name badge, what was its name?

    • Nathan
    • Will
    • Julian
    • Nick
  11. In Season 4, The Governor finds the Chamblers family. What illness does David Chamblers die from?

    • Lung cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Gangrene
    • Bronchitis
  12. As of the end of Season 4, which character had the most kills (zombie and human)?

    • Carol
    • Daryl
    • Michonne
    • Rick
  13. Which saint is Father Gabriel's church named after?

    • St. Kentigern
    • St. Sarah
    • St. Christopher
    • St. Adrian
  14. Which drug did Beth give to Trevitt, killing him?

    • Clonazepam
    • Clozapine
    • Chlorine
    • Citalopram
  15. What was Carol's abusive, dead husbands name?

    • Johnny
    • Mark
    • Ed
    • Bill
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