The Ultimate Walking Dead Quiz Only a True Fan Would Pass

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Could your knowledge rival Rick's or are you more brain dead than a walker?

  1. Who was the first walker we saw on the show?

    • A hospital patient
    • The little bunny slippers girl
    • The bicycle woman
    • Morgan's wife, Jenny
  2. In Season 1 at the CDC, which country does Dr. Jenner think may have a cure?

    • France
    • Brazil
    • China
    • New Zealand
  3. Daryl favors the crossbow, Michonne has her katana, but what weapon is Rick Grime's signature?

    • Revolver
    • Rifle
    • Brass knuckles
    • Machete
  4. In Season 2, who shoots an injured and bloody Daryl in the head, mistaking him for a walker?

    • Dale
    • Andrea
    • Lori
    • Glenn
  5. In Season 2, what are the walkers in the Greene's barn being fed?

    • Squirrels
    • Rats
    • Chickens
    • Deer
  6. What happened to Daryl and Merle's mother?

    • Their father beat her to death in front of them
    • She died in a house fire caused by her cigarette
    • We don't know, presumably she died in the outbreak
    • She abandoned the family when they were young, leaving them with their abusive father
  7. In Season 3, In their 10 months locked in the prison cafeteria, what did the prisoners use the walk in chiller for?

    • Trapping walkers
    • Food storage
    • A safe room
    • A toilet
  8. In Season 3, The Governor's researcher, Milton, is studying a dying Woodbury resident, what is that residents name?

    • Daniel Rutherford
    • Michael Coleman
    • James Earl
    • John O'Conner
  9. What was Glenn's job before the outbreak?

    • Pizza delivery boy
    • Business student
    • Mailman
    • Computer programmer
  10. In Season 4, one of the walkers outside the prison wears a name badge, what was its name?

    • Nathan
    • Nick
    • Julian
    • Will
  11. In Season 4, The Governor finds the Chamblers family. What illness does David Chamblers die from?

    • Diabetes
    • Bronchitis
    • Lung cancer
    • Gangrene
  12. As of the end of Season 4, which character had the most kills (zombie and human)?

    • Carol
    • Daryl
    • Rick
    • Michonne
  13. Which saint is Father Gabriel's church named after?

    • St. Adrian
    • St. Sarah
    • St. Kentigern
    • St. Christopher
  14. Which drug did Beth give to Trevitt, killing him?

    • Clozapine
    • Clonazepam
    • Chlorine
    • Citalopram
  15. What was Carol's abusive, dead husbands name?

    • Johnny
    • Mark
    • Ed
    • Bill
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