How Eli Roth Are You?

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So, you like your horror movies bloody? Think you're as committed to the cause of scares and gore as Eli Roth, do ya? Take this quiz to find out just how Eli Roth you are...

  1. You're filming in a region where the tribespeople have never seen cameras before. What do you do?

    • Punch anyone that gets in my way
    • Show them Cannibal Holocaust. They'll love it!
    • Remote region? Naw, that sounds expensive
    • I'm not going anywhere I can't dock my iPhone
  2. What's the scariest horror movie adversary you can think of?

    • Deeply Sadistic Humans
    • Rampaging Cannibals
    • Flesh-Eating Virus
    • Mutated Killer Animals
  3. Choose a vacation spot!

    • Slovakia
    • Appalachia
    • Peru
    • Cancun
  4. How do you like your horror movie music?

    • Creepy and understated
    • Screeching 70's prog/synth/funk
    • Party tunes! YEAH feel the beat!
    • Upbeat and foreign
  5. Pick a shade of red.

    • Dark gut-blood red
    • Arterial spurt red
    • Peeling flesh red
    • Mangled limb-stump red
  6. Pick a language.

    • English
    • BEER!!!!
    • Quechua
    • German
  7. Which word best describes you?

    • Intense
    • Insane
    • Quiet
    • Fun
  8. How did The Silence of the Lambs make you feel?

    • A bit scared?
    • Like laughing
    • Hungry
    • Lusty for blood
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