What Kind of Hunger Games Tribute are You?

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When the cornucopia bloodbath comes, will you kill or die? May the odds be ever in your favor...

  1. How old are you?

    • 50
    • 16
    • 18
    • 12
  2. Choose an accessory.

    • A hair tie
    • A mockinjay pin
    • Those light-up sneakers, they're cool!
    • Sharp, gold teeth
  3. In the bloodbath, what's your first tactic?

    • Run away, maybe I can get a weapon later
    • Grab one good weapon and run away
    • Kill all weaklings
    • Get nervous and faint
  4. You get past the bloodbath. What's your first move?

    • Try to make friends with whoever seems strong
    • Stay cautious - take in as many details as I can
    • Roll around on the floor, crying
    • Be as nice to everyone as possible
  5. What's your best survival skill?

    • I'm stealthy
    • I'm good at foraging
    • I'm kickass in hand-to-hand combat
    • I can pretend to be dead pretty well
  6. The other tribute from your district is injured and bleeding fast. What do you do?

    • Kill them - one less mouth to feed.
    • Try to drag them to safety
    • Attempt to bind their wounds on the spot
    • Run away sobbing
  7. What kind of team member do you see yourself as?

    • Uh, I can whistle a jaunty tune?
    • I'll co-operate quietly
    • A lean, mean killing machine
    • I prefer to work alone
  8. You see two strong tributes bludgeoning two weaker ones. What do you do?

    • Pick off the more vicious ones from a distance
    • Oh God, it's all so horrible! Can I go home please?
    • Hide up a tree
    • Dive into the fray, knives at the ready - let's fight!
  9. What's your general life motto?

    • What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
    • Only the strong survive
    • All for one, and one for all
    • I'm not as think as you drunk I am
  10. What would you most like to receive from a sponsor?

    • Medicine
    • Bourbon
    • Weapons
    • Body Armor
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