Which Symbiote Are You?

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If you were a lethal protector (with an excessively long tongue) from the Marvel universe, who would you be?

  1. Do you constantly do good?

    • You do what you are asked.
    • You do what you feel is right.
    • NEVER!!!
    • You do what you think is right.
  2. Who do you despise the most?

    • All who threaten your family.
    • All who disrespect you.
    • Anyone better than you.
    • All who stand in your way.
  3. What is your favourite video game?

    • "Call Of Duty: Black Ops"
    • "Mortal Kombat"
    • "Super Smash Bros"
    • "Five Nights At Freddy's"
  4. What is your worst fear?

    • Not being able to do what you love.
    • No being able to accomplish a task.
    • Not being able to punish all who did you wrong.
    • Not being able to defend what you love.
  5. A bully asks for your lunch money, what do you do?

    • Give it to him, later find him in a dark alley.
    • Try to avoid conflict unless necessary.
    • Take the fight out into the hall.
    • He deserves pain, throw him out a window.
  6. What is your weapon of choice?

    • MY FISTS!!!
    • My pure evilness.
    • A knife.
    • A pistol.
  7. What is your favorite Disney Villain?

    • Cruella de Vil
    • Scar
    • Jafar
    • Ursula
  8. Why would you hurt someone?

    • Because it's FUN!
    • Because you feel it's your duty.
    • Because you feel betrayed by the world.
    • Because your paid.
  9. What is your favorite movie?

    • "War Horse"
    • "The Expendables"
    • "The Matrix"
    • "A Nightmare On Elms Street"
  10. What is your dream job?

    • To help homeless people.
    • To be in the army.
    • To be a successful journalist.
    • To be a weapon supplier.
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