What Kind of Movie Cop Are You?

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So you think you've got what it takes to be a cop? Will you be a donut-chomper, a whisky-swiller or an all out badass?

  1. You get called to a frat party and discover a bunch of underage drinkers. What do you do?

    • Shut the party down and pocket a bottle of Maker's Mark on your way out
    • Do body shots off a cheerleader while shooting your gun in the air
    • Withdraw your nightstick and take down anyone within a 5 meter radius
    • Arrest anybody holding a drink. Underage drinking is a plague on society
  2. Walking your beat you notice a punk spraying a fast food joint. What do you do?

    • Who cares? There's bigger fish to fry on these mean streets
    • You pick up a disused spray can and beat the offender around the head.
    • Arrest them. Graffiti destroys private property. It is most certainly NOT an artform
    • Remove the piece of wall and sell it to a local art dealer as an original "Banksy"
  3. Pick a Dunkin' Donut.

    • Old Fashioned
    • Boston Kreme
    • Strawberry and Vanilla Frosted
    • Glazed Chocolate Cake
  4. You are asked to give a talk about crime to a bunch of elementary school kids. What do you tell them?

    • Pass around your gun, tell them life as a cop is even cooler than in the movies
    • Inform the children that crime never pays and justice will always be served
    • Tell them life ain't a fairytale and when Death comes you pray it's quick
    • Threaten to stab the class hamster if it doesn't stop with that f--king wheel
  5. You see a couple of kids smoking a joint. What do you do?

    • Kick the crap outta those little D-bags
    • Tell their parents and hrow them in jail for the night
    • Take their stash off them and have me a PARTAY
    • I'll tell them off if I see them do it again
  6. Pick a Coffee Order.

    • Soyaccino
    • Double Irish coffee
    • Filter coffee, black.
    • Pumpkin spice latte
  7. A peaceful protest is happening downtown. How do you react?

    • I'm just her for the O/T, man. I'll make sure no fights break out
    • Excellent, let's bust some weed off of these hippies
    • I've got my riot gear on, my baton in hand, and I'm ready to smash some skulls
    • So much jaywalking, so many arrests to be had!
  8. At a big raid, you see a colleague pocket some cash. What do you do?

    • Report what he's done immediately. I'll have his badge for this!
    • Cram it down his throat until he sees straight - we don't need no bent cops!
    • Brilliant! Now I can swipe the cash off him AND extort him for what he's done
    • Have a quiet word that he should quit messing around before there's trouble
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