Which Fantastic Fantasy World Do You Actually Belong In?

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Because let's be honest... it can't be THIS one can it?

  1. Pick an adventure...

    • Backpacking through Europe with a friend
    • Climbing Everest!
    • Camping in the mountains with your S.O.
    • Exploring London's underground punk scene
  2. Someone you know wrote you a song, and is playing it outside your window. What do you do?

    • Slam your window shut... not into this kind of s**t
    • Hear it through and sleep on it... try to figure out how you feel
    • Feel your heart melting
    • Ask them to come inside and talk
  3. What frustrates you most about living on Earth as we know it?

    • It's just... flying and teleporting would be SO much more efficient
    • Humans get boring. I wish I could communicate with all sorts of other creatures
    • The laws of physics limit my self-expression
    • The universe is SO big... there's so much more out there...
  4. Pick a thrill...

    • A breathless and stimulating conversation
    • Sailing through a storm
    • The perfect sunset, in the perfect place, with the perfect person
    • Horror movie, home alone, lights out
  5. Which animated movie would you rather watch?

    • How to Train Your Dragon 2
    • The Book of Life
    • Penguins of Madagascar
    • Finding Dory
  6. What would you do with one day of invisibility?

    • Slip by security and catch a flight somewhere tropical and beautiful
    • Mindf*ck EVERYONE - by the end of the day, the world will believe in ghosts
    • Sneak into the White House, snag some documents and post them to WikiLeaks
    • People-watch like never before
  7. It's Sunday afternoon. What are you doing?

    • Something outside... enjoying the sunshine
    • Chugging coffee, starting a task you were assigned two weeks ago
    • Taking a rigorous hike
    • Hitchcock, couch, beer
  8. Who's your fantastic furry friend?

    • Sphinx
    • Hippogriff
    • Unicorn
    • Dire Wolf
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