Are you A DC Comics or Marvel Superhero? Take The Test

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With the upcoming release of MARVEL HEROES on PC, we got to thinking, If in the catastrophic event you got trapped within the blast radius of a nuclear explosion and at the same time got bitten by a spider whilst in a research lab conducting medical human trials, just after returning from a work trip to planet Krypton because you lost a bet with the devil and have been sentenced to a lifetime collecting souls. All because you were born into a wealthy family developing next generation super weapons and are the only one of your friends strong enough to pick up a hammer. If involved in any of these highly likely scenarios combined with your own personal traits, which super hero would you turn into?

  1. Do you know the difference between right and wrong?

    • Sure do!
    • I am the punitive measure for those that don't
    • No idea!
    • I do, that's what makes it so much fun to be bad!
    • I always follow my heart
    • Yes but it's hard to do the right thing
  2. Are you or have you ever thought about being a journalist or writer?

    • I do not write about me escapades
    • Yes!
    • No!
    • I partake in a bit of both!
    • As a lover of the written word and control freak i would say yes!
    • Who needs words when i can say it with my fists!
  3. Have you ever felt like you are different to others around you?

    • I am different but it's hard for us girls
    • sometimes
    • Yes, i always knew i was different!
    • Naah, i fit in nicely!
    • Anyone that makes me feel different gets serious evils!
    • I have always fended for myself
  4. Are you physically..

    • Tough for a girl
    • Stronger than anyone else i know!
    • Average
    • Strong willed when i have to be
    • Strong
    • No need for superpowers!
  5. Are you ..

    • I can get a shift on if i am late for something!
    • I am never late because people wait for me!
    • Fast
    • Slow
    • I am like the wind... A shadow
    • A women is never late!
  6. Which describes you best?

    • I am a hero
    • I am a monster!
    • I always help others
    • A loner that watches over the weak
    • An independent woman
    • I am the epitome of selflessness
  7. In moments of conflict I..

    • I will punish
    • I swoop into any situation and save the day like a boss!
    • Keep my cool and get the job done - No casualties
    • When my womanly ways fail i kick butt!
    • No mercy!
    • Get it done in a sexy nick of time scenario
  8. Who would win in a fight between you and your work nemesis?

    • I know I am better, that's all that I need to know
    • Give me a big enough stick and i am on it!
    • Me!
    • Them..
    • Me against the world and i still would win!
    • I am loved by all
  9. Finally, Would you use you powers for good or for evil?

    • Good but make myself look good!
    • I am on a mission to represent women across the world!
    • For evil and world domination baby!
    • I am the epitome of selfless
    • Maybe a bit of both if i am honest..
    • All for good
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