Which Dystopic Wingman Do You Want Backing You Up?

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When this s**t gets real, you're gonna need back-up.

  1. You search for food in the blasted wasteland. What are you hoping to find?

    • Anything, I can live for weeks without food
    • Some booze to take the edge off
    • Fish, I need my lean protein!
    • Nuts, seeds, anything with dense calories
  2. You have meagre supplies. How do you go about building shelter?

    • I bend tree branches into a makeshift hut
    • I don't want to draw attention to us - we sleep under our jackets
    • Shelter? Sorry, I found booze and I'm drunk now
    • I layer dry leaves to keep my body off the cold ground
  3. What's your weapon of choice?

    • My wits
    • My fists
    • Hopefully people will just pity me and not kill me
    • A crossbow
  4. What are you going to do about finding water?

    • Don't be silly, we're by the sea, there's loads to drink there
    • I know how to extract drinkable tree sap
    • I refill at every river or stream we come to
    • I'll steal it from others
  5. Uh-oh, those guys nearby look dangerous. What do you do?

    • Trick them into being scared of me, so they run away
    • Shout 'Hey you guys! Where's the party at?'
    • Whatever, I can handle myself
    • Hide until they go away
  6. Curses, those guys are attacking you! What do you do now?

    • Sob loudly and roll around on the floor in terror
    • Crush them with my bare hands
    • Hide and let my companion fight for me
    • Don't get too close, pick them off with a range weapon
  7. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you lost the fight. You're dying. What are your last words?

    • Cryogenically freeze my brain so I might live on!
    • Avenge my death! AVENGE ME!!!
    • I hope they serve beer in hell
    • Come on, you chickens, I can still take you!
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