Who is Your Dystopian Boyfriend?

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Ladies, we've got a problem: the world is ending. Take this quiz to find your match for this Dystopian world...

  1. There's a house on fire with a baby inside. The firemen haven't arrived yet. What do you do?

    • Try smashing a fire hydrant
    • Grab a garden hose and start spraying
    • Call 911 - maybe the firemen are lost
    • Run inside and find the baby
  2. In your dystopian world, you've been assigned a job you don't like. What do you do?

    • Ask for a new job
    • Start a revolution
    • Give them some attitude, and resist the urge to break out in martial arts
    • Just do it. This is the way things are and it's you against the universe.
  3. The dystopic officials are beating up your friend... now what?

    • Start a riot! This has GOT to end.
    • Jump in and try to stop them!
    • All you can do is learn from your friend's mistake
    • Tell them to take you instead, that you're the one to blame.
  4. What do you need most from a friend?

    • Space
    • Energy and enthusiasm
    • Emotional Support
    • Shared Interests
  5. Favorite school subject?

    • I hated school
    • English
    • Science
    • History
  6. It's Saturday night - what are you doing?

    • Dancing
    • Staying in, watching a movie
    • Whatever my friends are doing
    • Beer, bar, friends!
  7. Pick a Superpower!

    • Teleportation
    • Breathing fire
    • Super strength
    • Invisibility
  8. If you were allowed one item on a desert island, what would you choose?

    • Company
    • Swiss army knife
    • Bow and arrow
    • Flare gun
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