Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman

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Are you mostly likely to be superman or batman or Wonder Woman

  1. A psychopathic man has a hostage what do you do

    • Play mind games
    • Break HIM
    • Disable him
    • Attack head first
    • Tell him to stand down
    • Give him what he wants
  2. Someone finds out your a superhero. What do you do

    • Tell them to leave town
    • Confront the person
    • Ask how
    • Make them your eyes and ears
    • Threaten to death
    • Make this person your Sidekick
  3. If your sidekick gets slaughtered right in front of you. What would you do?

    • Kill the murderer
    • Eliminate the murderer
    • Torture him
    • Shoot him with dangerous weapons over and over again
    • Give an outrageous cry
    • Knock him and leave a bomb in the building
  4. You get a call and the speaker says

    • React Quickly
    • Tell the person to calm down
    • Say what happened
    • Face pump
    • Act neutral
    • Act Natural
  5. You've become a famous vigilante. Will you accepted the glory

    • Feeling is Neutral
    • No
    • Yes
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