Which Vampire Diaries Couple Are You and Your Man?

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Are you a romantic Stelena kind of couple, or is there something of the Katherines about your relationship these days? There's only one way to find out...

  1. So, tell me all about how you guys got together!

    • I kind of bullied him into it, to be honest with you
    • I tried hard not to like him for a really long time, but I couldn't resist his charms
    • Our relentless banter turned to relentless flirtation!
    • We met at school and gradually drifted together in the old fashioned way
    • We were friends for a long time and then something just clicked
  2. What would your friends say about you two as a couple?

    • Let's just say we aren't invited to parties anymore...
    • They'd probably say we're an odd couple
    • We are kind of erratic, they probably don't know what to think!
    • I think they would say we are good for each other
    • That we are very comfortable with each other and relaxed to be around
  3. And, what about your parents?

    • They think he's a good steady boyfriend
    • Pfffft! As if I would ever tell my parents about my boyfriend!
    • I think they've always secretly wanted us to get together
    • They think he's bad news
    • I think they like him, but I can understand if they are wary. He's not exactly easy to read
  4. What is your idea of an ideal date together?

    • Making out, scream at each other and, repeat!
    • We are quite chill, maybe a movie night at home with plenty of snuggling?
    • You never know with us, we love variety.
    • It's all about the romance. Maybe he could make me a candlelit dinner?
    • Something exciting like a day out at the theme park with bourbon!
  5. What would you say is your partner's best quality?

    • His loyalty
    • The way he shows me a special side to him that nobody else gets to see
    • He keeps me on my toes. Things are always exciting with him
    • He is just such a sweetie
    • His face
  6. In your opinion, what is the best thing about you guys as a couple?

    • We try our best to support each other in whatever we do
    • We haven't killed each other yet?
    • We have a lot of fun together and are madly in love. Literally.
    • We have our own special world when we are together
    • We know each other inside out
  7. You call your best friend to bad mouth your boyfriend after a fight, what are you saying about him?

    • He can be so cruel to other people and I just can't respect that
    • He's always seeing this other girl and I want to claw her guts out with my bare hands
    • He can be really emotionally immature
    • He doesn't have any sense of adventure and he's so serious all the time
    • He can be so selfish and inconsiderate and he forgets I have feelings too
  8. When you go to dinner to make up, what sort of joint to do you choose?

    • The most expensive place he can afford
    • Our favorite local spot
    • A place oozing vintage class and style
    • He would probably cook a three course meal for me at home
    • Somewhere theatrically swanky and modern
  9. For tradition's sake, pick a pizza topping!

    • Meltdown
    • Full house
    • Mighty meaty
    • Vegetarian supreme
    • Pepperoni passion
  10. If you guys get married, what would your wedding be like?

    • Edgy
    • Traditional
    • Extravagant
    • Personal
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