Which Awkward Character Are You?

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Find out which Awkward character you best relate to.

  1. What's your favorite activity?

    • Doing Whatever I Please
    • Nothing Really
    • Being a Rebel
    • Sports
    • Writing
    • Music
    • Finding my Inner Peace
  2. What power position do you like to be in?

    • In full control, at all times.
    • My way or F**k off
    • I can be charming
    • I don't really know
    • I'm a follower
    • I do what I can but not always my way.
    • I like to have control on my feelings
  3. How have your relationships been?

    • I don't want to be involved in any of it
    • A couple of committed relationships
    • I've had my share of relationships because I'm a flirt
    • I live life to the fullest with my relationships
    • I like to stay to conservative ideas
    • Multiple complicated relationships
    • I'm a charmer
  4. What clique do you fit in best with?

    • The Free Birds
    • The Jocks
    • The Music Geeks
    • More like an outsider
    • Drama/ Popular
    • The Followers
    • The Leader
  5. How are you at parties?

    • I'm looking for a hook up
    • Don't want to be here
    • Getting wild and out of control
    • Being a free bird but still sane
    • I'm trying to get back with an old ex
    • Trying to enjoy the night
    • Trying to get laid with whoever, whatever
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