Which Character From 'The Hobbit' are You?

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Are you more of a Dwarf, an Elf, or something else entirely? Let's find out!

  1. You're going on an adventure! What are you going to pack?

    • As much of my gold as I can carry.
    • My staff and a pipe are all I need to get by.
    • I think that I could find everything I needed in nature.
    • Survival things mostly and maybe a couple of books.
    • The weaponry I need to get by.
    • Can I bring my refrigerator?
  2. Pick one Netflix original series that you can stream on your travels.

    • Orange Is the New Black
    • Bojack Horseman
    • Hemlock Grove
    • I don't really watch TV. I'd rather be outside.
    • Arrested Development Season 4
    • House of Cards
  3. Oh no! You group is trapped! How do you react?

    • Trapped? Nothing could ever really trap me.
    • I thought that this might happen. No need to panic, I already have three other backup plans.
    • Ditch everyone else and focus on saving myself first. Sorry.
    • Panic! Then relax. Then panic some more!
    • Eh, I'm sure someone else will figure it out.
    • Come up with a plan but don't tell the rest of your group. They might mess something up.
  4. You had dinner plans with your friends, but everyone else is running late. How do you react?

    • I would probably just leave.
    • I would wait to hear them out. If their excuse is good enough I'll forgive them.
    • I'll just start eating without them.
    • Just wait it out, I guess. Maybe play around on my phone pretending to text people.
    • I'll be sure to unleash my wrath as soon as they arrive.
    • They wouldn't be late. I organized the event so everyone will be sure to be on time.
  5. Pick an animal to accompany you on your journey

    • A glorious hawk
    • Cat
    • I accept any animal who would like to join me
    • Dog
    • Lion
    • Sloth
  6. What's your weapon of choice?

    • An iron ladle
    • My wit
    • My brute strength
    • My sword
    • My axe
    • My staff
  7. You're pretty weary from your trip. Pick a place to stop for a rest.

    • On a grassy knoll with lots of sun
    • Anywhere is fine, I probably won't rest easy anyway
    • Who needs rest? We're on a mission!
    • A giant, fluffy bed
    • Somewhere dark and quiet
    • Under a giant tree with lots of shade
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