Which Character From 'The Hobbit' are You?

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Are you more of a Dwarf, an Elf, or something else entirely? Let's find out!

  1. You're going on an adventure! What are you going to pack?

    • I think that I could find everything I needed in nature.
    • The weaponry I need to get by.
    • As much of my gold as I can carry.
    • Can I bring my refrigerator?
    • Survival things mostly and maybe a couple of books.
    • My staff and a pipe are all I need to get by.
  2. Pick one Netflix original series that you can stream on your travels.

    • Bojack Horseman
    • House of Cards
    • Arrested Development Season 4
    • I don't really watch TV. I'd rather be outside.
    • Hemlock Grove
    • Orange Is the New Black
  3. Oh no! You group is trapped! How do you react?

    • Ditch everyone else and focus on saving myself first. Sorry.
    • Eh, I'm sure someone else will figure it out.
    • Trapped? Nothing could ever really trap me.
    • Come up with a plan but don't tell the rest of your group. They might mess something up.
    • Panic! Then relax. Then panic some more!
    • I thought that this might happen. No need to panic, I already have three other backup plans.
  4. You had dinner plans with your friends, but everyone else is running late. How do you react?

    • I'll just start eating without them.
    • Just wait it out, I guess. Maybe play around on my phone pretending to text people.
    • I would probably just leave.
    • I would wait to hear them out. If their excuse is good enough I'll forgive them.
    • I'll be sure to unleash my wrath as soon as they arrive.
    • They wouldn't be late. I organized the event so everyone will be sure to be on time.
  5. Pick an animal to accompany you on your journey

    • I accept any animal who would like to join me
    • A glorious hawk
    • Lion
    • Cat
    • Sloth
    • Dog
  6. What's your weapon of choice?

    • My axe
    • My staff
    • An iron ladle
    • My wit
    • My brute strength
    • My sword
  7. You're pretty weary from your trip. Pick a place to stop for a rest.

    • A giant, fluffy bed
    • Somewhere dark and quiet
    • On a grassy knoll with lots of sun
    • Under a giant tree with lots of shade
    • Anywhere is fine, I probably won't rest easy anyway
    • Who needs rest? We're on a mission!
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