What Would Your Superpower Be?

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Are you stronger than everyone else or smarter?

  1. Are you an athlete?

    • What is this "sports" you speak of?
    • Oh yeah. I'm especially good at contact sports
    • I love all sports. Especially ones with a lot of action
    • I'm definitely an athlete. I'm not always the best on the field, but I'm important nonetheless
    • It takes me a while to pick up on the sport, but I get it pretty well
    • I can run pretty well. But ask me to throw a ball and someone will get injured
  2. When working on a school project, you...

    • People look to me to be the leader, but more often than not I just want to be a part of the project
    • I have a lot of ideas. Too many ideas, sometimes
    • I'm the silent worker that can remember the key points others can't
    • I just do whatever the others think is a good idea. I'll add tidbits here and there on occasion
    • I make sure we get it done quickly
    • I'm normally the one expected to know everything
  3. How do you handle loss?

    • I get angry
    • I accept it, but it takes a while
    • I try to move on too quickly, every time
    • I get upset
    • I know they're in a better place
    • I channel it
  4. In a zombie apocalypse, what would your weapon of choice be?

    • An axe
    • A sword
    • A sniper rifle
    • I'd hide
    • A baseball bat
    • A gun of some sort
  5. What kind of people do you hang out with?

    • Students, scholars, professors, etc
    • My friends tend to be pretty awesome people
    • Confident people with strong personalities
    • I've never had one singular group
    • Hilarious people with great personalities
    • People who are ready for an adventure
  6. Once a superhero, why would you fight?

    • Because it's the right thing to do
    • I truly believe that this is my duty
    • It's what superheroes do
    • It's another adventure
    • To honor my family's memory
    • Someone has to tell those bad guys what's what
  7. How would you stop a bully?

    • Talk him down. I'm not too good at confrontations
    • Give snappy remarks that'd hopefully stop him. If not... I'd probably run
    • Make it known that I'm not afraid
    • Try and replicate something I'd seen a teacher do
    • I'd very calmly talk my way out of it. If not, I'd do what is needed
    • Make him stop any way possible
  8. Do you cry at movies?

    • Depends on what happens
    • If an animal dies
    • Is that even a question? Yes
    • Internally, maybe
    • Pfft, no
    • Just between you and me, yes
  9. Would you accept being a sidekick?

    • No. No way
    • Depends on who I'd team up with
    • Well, if I had to I would
    • Statistically speaking, sidekicks tend to become heroes once old enough. And even if they don't, they're still cool. So yeah
    • Probably not
    • Yes. Anything to get me on the way to being a hero
  10. If you lost your powers, what would you do?

    • I'm still smart enough to help in some way
    • I'd continue doing what I do best. Fight crime
    • I wouldn't know how to go on at first. But I'd eventually find a way
    • Do anything and everything to get them back
    • Cry to myself and put on a brave face in front of others
    • I'd never give up, but be terribly upset on the inside
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