Which Batman are you?

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Are you Dark and Brooding or Dramatically Serious?

  1. There is a homeless man being mugged in an alley. What do you do?

    • I guess I've got some time to spare...Lets do this.
    • I don't have time and frankly I couldn't care less. The Joker always remains my priority.
    • Duh! Save the poor guy! Hasn't he got enough on his plate?!
  2. The people of Gotham need assistance! How do they reach you?

    • I'm usually just lying around with nothing to do but wait for my call to action. The Bat Symbol!
    • There's always that red phone, right? Works great for fast delivery pizza as well.
    • Use the Bat Symbol. I arrive there when I feel like it and you'll never see me coming. Sneaky, aren't I?
  3. Your trap in a room surrounded by thugs of all sorts. You've got the face punching skills, but how do you approach this brawl?

    • This is going to hurt YOU a lot more than me. I'm going to enjoy that.
    • Why get creative? There's nothing better than a basic one, two, fist fight.
    • Hit them hard and fast. Don't straight up kill, but crippling them for life sounds reasonable, right?
  4. You're preparing to suit up for another night of telling criminals everywhere to suck it. What is your attire?

    • I need to look cool and intimidate the bad guys. My Bat-Suit has all of that and more rolled into one. Fashion>Function any day. Or night in this instance.
    • Stick to the old but good. Nothing more reliable than good ole spandex. People won't have guns or knives, right?
    • I'm going to be at war all night long battling the forces of evil. I require something sturdy that will let me jump around and zip through the streets. But it also has to defend against common threats. If it looks cool, well that's just a bonus!
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