What Type Of Action Movie Should Your Bad Self Actually Be Fighting In?

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Wanna see where your high-octane life is headed? Pop quiz, hotshot...

  1. Where do you see yourself fighting?

    • A bloodied battlefield covered in barbed wire
    • The city streets
    • Urban gang turf
    • A horrifying space dystopia
  2. It's happening. You better go get your armor...

    • Full body armor and helmet
    • A. My tank provides cover
    • A bulletproof vest
    • I don't need no armor
  3. Pick a gun...

    • Glock 17
    • Franchi LF-57
    • Heckler & Koch MP5A2
    • United States Rifle
  4. How do you prefer to ride into battle?

    • X-Wing
    • I run as fast as my ass can go
    • Tiger 131 Tank
    • A juiced-up Toyota Supra
  5. What's your motivation to fight?

    • Saving the universe
    • I love my country
    • I just do it to survive
    • I love my family
  6. What are you gonna eat before a fight?

    • Freeze-dried protein
    • A shot of whiskey
    • Concentrated chocolate, for energy
    • A burger
  7. As far as you're concerned, what's the most terrifying thing in the Universe?

    • Losing my pride
    • The evil within men
    • Nazis
    • Being lost in the vast infinity of space
  8. If it comes to it, how are you gonna die?

    • I get caught in gang cross-fire in South Central L.A.
    • My head explodes due to a shift in atmospheric pressure
    • My hot-rod careens off a cliff in a high-octane chase
    • Gangrene
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