Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes: What Type of Movie Would it be?

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Imagine. In the last fleeting moments of this dream we call existence, your life flashes before your eyes. That's a lot of rapid-fire imagery, and with the benefit of hindsight, that's gotta be one helluva story... But what kind of movie would YOUR life make?

  1. What kind of child were you?

    • Quiet - drawing pictures that adults found troubling
    • Energetic - running around, getting into trouble
    • Cute - well behaved, flirting with the kids I liked
    • Unusual - smart beyond my years, I read a lot of books
  2. Your High School experience could be summed up as...?

    • Goofy - having fun with my friends
    • Wild - partying, camping out and getting it ON
    • Eccentric - I had particular interests and a small group of friends
    • Exciting - going on dates, playing sports
  3. What was your first job like?

    • I volunteered for a charity
    • A starter role within a company I hoped to move up in
    • Low-paid and gross - I just goofed off all the time
    • Camp counselor
  4. Describe your first proper relationship.

    • Angsty - we wrote letters to each other, it was intense
    • Weird - it did NOT end well, they got kinda freaky
    • Dumb - I embarrassed myself constantly!
    • Loving - we were High School Sweethearts
  5. Which best describes your family?

    • Loud and proud - always making each other laugh
    • Dysfunctional - full of repressed feelings
    • Quirky and odd - we're an odd bunch
    • Close and respectful - we look after each other
  6. How do you think you're most likely to die?

    • Some tragic illness - but I'll keep up my witty quips 'til the end
    • Getting murdered - live fast, die young
    • In my bed, with my family around me
    • In some stupid accident, like falling drunkenly into a urinal
  7. What are your last words likely to be?

    • You wanna bet HOW MUCH I can't eat this whole urinal cake?
    • No, no, not the chainsaw! Aaaggghhh!
    • Either that wallpaper goes, or I go
    • I love you, baby
  8. How would your friends describe you?

    • Loyal, close to family and friends
    • Reckless, wild and carefree
    • Weird. Smart...but weird
    • A joker and/or a party animal
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