Who Do You REALLY Think Should Play Spider-Man?

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So, there are rumours that Marvel are rebooting Spider-Man with a new actor. But who do really want to be Spidey? Do you wanna keep Garfield or get Toby back? Or a newcomer?

  1. Simple, who was better at PETER PARKER? (Forget Spidey, I wanna know who you thought played the teen behind the mask better)

    • I want a new guy!
    • Toby Maguire
    • Cartoon: Drake Bell
    • Batman. Always Batman.
    • Andrew Garfield
  2. What trait is Peter's best? (Again, Peter, not Spidey)

    • His charm
    • When he's confused- love that
    • His childish-ness
    • His seriousness
    • His love life
  3. More simplicity, who was better at SPIDER-MAN (Not the guy under the mask)

    • Told ya, Imma go with Bats.
    • Toby!
    • Drake Bell! (Voice)
    • I wanna see a new guy dammit!
    • Andrew!
  4. Which movie/show was the best out of the following?

    • The Dark Knight Trilogy- because.
    • The original trilogy! (Well most of it)
    • The Cartoons!
    • I don't care, just give me more new stuff.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man movie series!
  5. Favorite Villain?

    • Venom
    • Doctor Octopus
    • I don't care- they're all good.
    • The Joker, because Batman.
    • Electro
  6. What would you wanna see in another Spidey movie?

    • A continuation of the original trilogy for one more round...and then do whatever.
    • Not a new one...Amazing Spider-Man 3!
    • A dark character that makes Spider-Man seem more gothic- like Batman!
    • A kid friendly one with plenty of humour, but also keep it adult friendly.
    • Something new!
  7. And finally, which plotline is better?

    • A smooth, funny but still plausible movie where a teenaged Spidey loves being a hero and wants nothing more. Then comes the big bad Kingpin who wants Spidey dead and assassins everywhere come for him- enough of just one main villain! We can have heaps
    • An older Peter who lives life with his wife, MJ and while coping with that, he also has his career and being Spider-Man (Spider-Man 4)
    • A reboot where a college graduate Peter Parker has to face a much more powerful foe than what his High School and College life foes were.
    • As a young boy, his parents die and he grows up under his butlers wing and becomes a dark man and spends his nights in a dark suit, patrolling the streets and surveying Goth...New York with keen eyes. Oh wait...
    • The Sinister Six as main villains and Peter is trying to cope with life after Gwen (TASM3)
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