Who Would You Be in a Post-Apocalyptic World?

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Ever wonder your place after an apocalypse?

  1. What sort of apocalypse would you rather fight through?

    • War
    • Rise of robots and machines
    • Human stupidity (overpopulation, pollution, radiation, etc)
    • Biological warfare (clearly, not zombies)
    • Zombies
  2. What sort of apocalypse would hate to fight through?

    • War
    • Biological warfare
    • Zombies
    • Rise of robots and machines
    • Human stupidity
  3. How do you handle change?

    • It sucks, but I deal.
    • I handle it very well, thank you.
    • It's a part of life.
    • I hate change. But it doesn't mean I won't.
    • I adapt rather quickly.
  4. How good are you in a fight?

    • I always win.
    • I'm better at long range. But up close and personal will not stop me.
    • I've never had the need to, so I don't know.
    • I would like to avoid it, but if need be I can hold my own.
    • I've been fighting for as long as I can remember.
  5. Do you think before you act?

    • Not always...
    • No. I probably should, but it's gotten me this far.
    • To an extent.
    • Sometimes too much.
    • It's a 50/50 chance that I'll think things through.
  6. Do you have survival skills?

    • Well, yeah, I've got survival skills. Everyone does.
    • I'm like a boyscout on steroids
    • Enough to keep me and my friends safe
    • Sort of...
    • Survival is my middle name
  7. What's most important to you in the new world?

    • Protecting each other
    • My family
    • Survival
    • Strength, in numbers, weaponry, whatever it is
    • Friends
  8. If you lost someone close to you, what would you do about it?

    • I'd keep it bottled up. It was gonna happen eventually.
    • I'd cry for days, to myself mostly, for the sake of the group.
    • I might just lose my mind.
    • I'd go it alone.
    • I'd get angry, sad and relieved all at once.
  9. What would your camp be?

    • Something with natural defenses we don't have to build.
    • A place with regulated entrances and exits.
    • Somewhere that feels homey.
    • I wouldn't stay put. My camp would be my backpack.
    • Somewhere close to water, food and other houses for supply runs.
  10. Weapon of choice?

    • I guess I know how to work a gun.
    • Anything will do.
    • Cross-bow or other silent long-ranged weapon.
    • My favorite pistol.
    • My sword.
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