Are You Worthy of Thor's Hammer?

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After all the talk about Thor's hammer - and whether any of the other Avengers are worthy of lifting it - we thought it was about time you had a way to find out whether you, unlike Tony Stark, are worthy of lifting Thor's hammer. Head down the page - and take the quiz below - to find out!

  1. First up - You're taking a vacation in Norway, when suddenly you spot a villager under attack by mysterious figures. What do you do?

    • Join in the attack.
    • Fetch the authorities, then tend to the injured.
    • Rush in to help.
    • Run away.
  2. Despite your best efforts, you've ended up being captured by the attackers - who turn out to be a group of aliens. What's your first move?

    • Try to steal their ship.
    • Try to trick them into thinking I'm their friend.
    • Try to find a way to escape.
    • Try to take them down, so they can't hurt anyone else.
  3. You end up being driven off the aliens' ship - and being stranded on a deserted island. You know there's very little chance of rescue - what do you do?

    • Build an epic treehouse, and settle in to wait.
    • Despair. Just so much despairing.
    • Fashion a raft out of logs and twine, and head back to civilization.
    • Head out to explore the island.
  4. Before you can set your plan into action, though, you're suddenly set upon by a giant version of the aliens you've just escaped from. It pins you to the ground, and looks about to kill you. What's your next move?

    • Find the strength to throw it off.
    • Stab it with a nearby stick I'd earlier fashioned into a spear.
    • Punch it so hard it shatters.
    • Gouge its eyes out.
  5. The creature defeated, you suddenly find yourself transported back to your home city, unclear as to whether or not it was all a dream. What do you do?

    • Start to look for the aliens - they're clearly a threat.
    • Get ready for the next attack - they'll be back.
    • Quickly move on with my life.
    • Keep quiet - I don't want anyone to think I'm lying.
  6. Soon after, you're approached by a group of superheroes who've noticed your ability to escape monsters unscathed, and want you to join their team. What's your first response?

    • Cautiously accept - you have your own battles to fight, too.
    • Work out a way to defeat them - they'll get in the way of your own plans.
    • Keep the hell away from them - they sound like trouble.
    • Sign up immediately - there's work to be done.
  7. Before you can tell them your answer though, the same aliens who captured you earlier attack the city, and you're forced to fight your way across town. Where do you head?

    • The police station. I need a weapon.
    • The freeway. I'm getting the hell out of here.
    • The hospital. People there are going to need my help.
    • The alien mothership. I want to 'welcome them to Earth.' With my fists.
  8. Eventually, though, you find yourself fighting alongside that same superhero team from earlier, in a fight to the death. Their team leader is horribly injured - what's your response?

    • Keep fighting - they'll be fine.
    • Take charge - it's what they'd want.
    • Finish them off.
    • Defend them to the death, until help can arrive.
  9. Slowly but surely, you fight off the alien invasion - until, finally, the invaders are trapped in their ship. It falls to you to decide what to do with them. What do you do?

    • Challenge the leader to single combat, so that no-one else gets hurt.
    • Head inside, and take them into custody.
    • Send a strike force in, while you run the show from outside.
    • Blow it up. You can't take any chances.
  10. The aliens have, finally, been defeated - and you've been asked to give a speech at the victory parade. Who do you give the credit for the victory to?

    • The aliens themselves. If they'd been smarter, they'd have won.
    • The other heroes. Together we can achieve anything.
    • Everyone - the whole city helped fight the aliens.
    • Myself. I saved the day, after all.
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