Which Vampire Diaries Founding Family Is Your True Kin?

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The founding families of Mystic Falls all have their unique quirks, but which one would you slot into?

  1. What is your favorite thing about Mystic Falls?

    • The strong community
    • The beautiful natural surroundings
    • The tolerance for all things supernatural
    • The prosperity of the area
    • The mostly law abiding citizens
  2. Where do you like to hang out in town?

    • Wherever the people close to me are, duh!
    • I love the local beauty spots like the swimming hole
    • Anywhere I'm not really supposed to be
    • The classiest joints
    • Around the fringes, you never know what is going to happen there
  3. What really gets your goat about Mystic Falls?

    • Constantly having to lie about 'animal attacks'
    • It's hard to get the respect you deserve from certain cocky supernatural factions
    • There's always small town drama
    • People always have their noses in your business
    • Some areas have really bad energy about them
  4. What do you think people say about your family behind your back?

    • People think my family might be cursed because so many bad things have happened to us
    • They're kind of stuck up
    • They're nice people, but there is something a little odd about them...
    • Stay away from this bunch, they're bad news all round!
    • They seem noble and dedicated, but I'm sure they aren't telling us everything
  5. What are you most likely to argue about at a family get together?

    • How ambition can be a destructive force
    • Stupid rules and restrictions
    • Everything. We've had a lot of practice
    • A certain someones thuggish behavior
    • We are fuelled by general low level bickering about nothing in particular
  6. What's the biggest skeleton in your family closet?

    • To be honest, we've run out of room
    • There are a few pesky anger management issues
    • We have a dark secret that would blow everbody's minds if they heard it
    • Our colossal power. Nobody appreciates how badass we can be
    • Drinking problems
  7. The latest family gathering has got a bit too intense, what booze do you grab to to take the edge off?

    • Beer
    • Wine
    • A cocktail of my own making
    • An alcopop
    • Bourbon
  8. Would you describe you and your family as close?

    • We rub each other up the wrong way, but still look out for each other
    • We're incredibly close
    • We are in our own special way!
    • We all stick together the best we can
    • We're pretty distant
  9. Would you ever go out on the town with your family

    • They would never want to go out with me
    • Maybe if nobody was looking!
    • Yep, we do it all the time!
    • Why not?
    • One word. No!
  10. What is the one thing you can all agree on?

    • The law of the land is there for a reason
    • The natural world is the most valuable thing we have
    • Blood is thicker than water
    • Status is everything
    • Sharings caring. Never keep your worries to yourself
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