Which Member of Suicide Squad are You?

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With the recent revelation of DC's upcoming Suicide Squad's stellar cast, we thought it was time for everyone to be able to answer the question once and for all: Which of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad (that have been confirmed for the movie) are you?

  1. Let's set the scene: You're a petty criminal on the streets of Gotham City, trying to make ends meet. One day, you stumble onto a toxic waste spill, and fall in. What powers are you hoping to get?

    • Magic. Always magic.
    • Immortality.
    • Screw powers - I want me some gadgets.
    • Perfect aim.
    • The ability to actually kill Batman.
    • Whimsy.
  2. The toxic waste has given you powers - though not the ones you were hoping for. You can now leap through the air like a flea - and, predictably, after your next heist, the public start calling you The Human Flea. How do you feel about that?

    • At least it's accurate.
    • It'd be better if it was a play on my actual name...
    • I'm not a fan - But it could be worse...
    • I'm surprisingly OK with it.
    • Just so long as they all fear me, it's a-ok with me...
    • I don't believe in code-names...
  3. That first heist as a super-villain, though, goes pretty well. So well, in fact, that your accomplices ask for a bigger cut of the takings. What's your response?

    • Hell, they earned it. Why not?
    • Laughter.
    • Murder.
    • No deal - we had an arrangement, and we're sticking to it.
    • Does bludgeoning them with a stick count?
    • Confusion, followed by doing horrible things to them until they leave.
  4. Soon, you're beginning to make a reputation for yourself as a super-villain. Which superhero is most likely to disturb your schemes?

    • Catwoman. Who I didn't even realize was a hero.
    • The Flash. Who I didn't think was even in town.
    • None of them. I keep my nose down.
    • That little punk Nightwing.
    • That blasted Batman.
    • Robin. Though i'll totally get him next time.
  5. You get busted, and end up in Arkham Asylum. But, of course, you start to plan your escape. Which other inmate do you look to for help?

    • I don't need any help...
    • Who cares? Any warm body'll do...
    • As many of them as I can find...
    • The Joker. He must be around somewhere...
    • Anyone who looks dumb enough for me to use...
    • Is Captain Cold around?
  6. You've made it out of Arkham, and you decide to head underground for a while to let the heat die down. Where do you go?

    • My pre-prepared Hideout!
    • An old abandoned factory!
    • The zoo!
    • Literally underground - to the sewers!
    • Uh...Anywhere?
    • A bunker!
  7. You've waited it out for a while, and you're ready to make your return to crime - when you're greeted by a knock on the door of your hideout. No-one knows you're there: so what do you do?

    • Hide behind the door, ready to jump them.
    • Hide!
    • Get ready to take them out the second they come in.
    • Shoot first, and ask questions later.
    • Shout obscenities at them, in the hopes they'll go away.
    • Quickly build an elaborate series of ropes and pulleys to trap them with. Or, y'know, run.
  8. It turns out to be Amanda Waller - yup, THAT Amanda Waller - the brains behind the Suicide Squad. She wants you to join up - and she's not really asking. What's your response?

    • Make a run for it.
    • Try to kill her. Why not?
    • Make a deal. A really profitable one.
    • Sign up. Crime wasn't paying that well anyway...
    • Swear profusely, and throw things.
    • Point out that I'd be a terrible choice.
  9. You've ended up in the 'Squad, like it or not, and your first mission is to assassinate the leader of a small Caribbean dictatorship. You land on the island, and get ready to take out El Presidente. What role do you go for?

    • Anywhere I can sneak off and do my own thing. How about I run base camp?
    • The forward option. I like to get in the middle of the fight.
    • Sniper. I work best long distance.
    • The rear guard. I'll provide the covering fire.
    • Wild Card. I don't like following the rules.
    • Team leader. I work best when i'm in charge.
  10. Somehow, you end up in El Presidente's bedroom, without backup, a gun to his head. Amanda Waller is in your headpiece, telling you to shoot. What do you do?

    • Do it. We had a deal.
    • Cut a deal with him.
    • Do I still have time for disembowelment?
    • Throw the gun away - and kill him with that stuffed animal he seems to sleep with.
    • Make a break for it - you didn't sign up to kill people.
    • Shoot - but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.
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