What '90s Saturday Morning Cartoon Are You?

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Because let's face it, life's better when it's animated

  1. Besides cartoons, what's the best part of Saturday Morning?

    • Hanging with friends at the mall
    • Some peace and quiet to think
    • Getting chores out of the way before Sunday
    • Finally finishing that art project that's laying around
    • Planning next week's to-do list
    • No school, duh!
  2. What are you having for breakfast?

    • Bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, home fries. Some of everything!
    • Cold pizza
    • Exactly 8oz of cereal, 2 cups of OJ and 1.5 slices of toast
    • Whatever I can nuke in the microwave
    • Leftovers from last night's dinner
    • Tuna sandwich. It's brain food
  3. What's your favorite color?

    • I can make yellow work
    • Black does have a slimming effect
    • None of the options listed. I'm free spirited like that
    • Is rose is a color? Let's go with that
    • Blue! Blue! Blue!
    • Green is serene!
  4. Superman needs your help? What do you do?

    • I'll save him. Then we'll team up and destroy whatever caused him the trouble in the first place
    • Handle it myself. Show him how it's done
    • I know a guy who can help him out
    • Excellent. Superman in trouble was my plan all along!
    • Throw on my cape and fly into action!
    • Help! I'm trapped too!
  5. School's Out! What are your summer plans?

    • Hit the gym. Time to get that beach body
    • Something so big, I'll have to brag about it come September
    • Staying up late like a boss
    • Finally! I can read those books in my own personal collection
    • I always wanted to draw a comic
    • Two words: Laser Tag!
  6. After these messages....

    • We'll be right back! Hehehehehe
    • I'll spring into action!
    • You'll know what to do.
    • I promise I'll get back to you. For real this time.
    • You will send me heaps of praise
  7. Where would you like to visit?

    • I'm more into backpacking through Europe
    • If not the moon, then definitely deep below the sea
    • Why travel? My hometown is pretty awesome as it is
    • Who cares as long as there's nightlife!
    • Always wanted to do an "Around The World in 80 Days" kind of thing
  8. Favorite kind of music?

    • Movie soundtracks!
    • Classic Rock is classic for a reason
    • Big band. Easy.
    • EDM!
    • Country
    • Indie Rock
    • Pop/Top40
  9. Congratulations! You won a prestigious award!

    • Thanks, but I had some help
    • That would be cool if it were true
    • It's going to be the first of many, my friend!
    • It must be some sort of mistake. Something's not right
    • About time someone recognizes the little guy
  10. The problem with cartoons today is...

    • Ugh, they are just so BORING!
    • They just aren't as smart
    • They aren't as funny as they used to be
    • Everything wraps up too nicely
    • They all kind of run together
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