Which Marvel Comics Heroine are You?

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With heroines headlining their own comic series (and soon, movies), it is worth noting that none of them are cookie-cutter. each of the characters starring in their new solo series are fresh and exciting in their own way. But what do all of you think? Which rising Marvel heroine do you feel is most like you?

  1. Are you a natural leader or do you feel more comfortable taking orders as part of a team?

    • Part of a team
    • Natural leader
  2. Are you natural around people or are you shy?

    • Natural around people
    • Shy around people
  3. Do you consider yourself warm around people or withdrawn?

    • A bit cold
    • Warm
    • Withdrawn
  4. Are you a kick-butt warrior or Everywoman?

    • Everywoman?
    • Kick-butt warrior!
  5. Do you feel you are a party animal or do you lead a sheltered life?

    • Party animal
    • Sheltered life
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