What Book do You Belong In?

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Do you like fiction, mistery or drama? I got the perfect book quiz to you

  1. Action or Mystery?

    • Action
    • Both
    • Mistery
  2. Where do you want to live?

    • I love futurist places
    • The forest
    • Alabama!
    • Chicago or NY, I love the city
  3. Choose a arm

    • I don't use them
    • Guns
    • Sword
  4. Would you rather?

    • Be smarter
    • Have special powers
    • Sacrifice yourself for your loved ones
  5. Do you believe in endless love?

    • Nothing last forever
    • If you fight for it you will do it endless
    • Yes! I love the love
  6. What kind of drink do you like?

    • Wine
    • I like to try something new
    • Beer
  7. What would you do if your friend betrays you?

    • What? Nope, that won't happen to me
    • Hell no! I'll kill you!
    • I can forgive you
  8. Do you believe in the supernatural?

    • I'm not sure
    • Yes, anything can be real
    • No, of course!
  9. What about rules?

    • They were made to be broken
    • Sometimes it's hard for me to follow them
    • Rules can be changed
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