Hunger Games: Which Tribute are you?

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What kind of Hunger Games tribute are you? Where would you stand up?

  1. Picture this: You're standing with the other members of your district, when you hear your name being called. What do you do?

    • Someone who would help me survive
    • Say yes to as many as you can, there are powers in numbers,
    • Scream in joy. It's always been your dream to enter the arena.
    • Don't create any unwanted attention, just walk up.
    • Smile proudly as you walk up.
  2. Some other members watch you and your skill, and think you're worth for a team member. What do you do?

    • You are arising in to the arena, proud of the score you got, and you know the clock will begin to countdown. What do you do?

      • Get ready to look around for your teammates and get ready to run with them.
      • You crack your knuckles, ready to run for the weapons before anyone else can get them.
      • Plan to run from the cornucopia, find a place to hide.
      • Find water, and wait for the first night and the blood bath to blow over
      • Try to make everybody think you're scared, but you're ready.
    • What map do you hope to arrive in?

      • You're ready for anything they can throw at you.
      • Thick jungles, great for hiding.
      • Open land, to see who is there left to be killed.
      • Anything, it doesn't matter to you
      • Perhaps a rain forest, plenty of water and life.
    • When the countdown sounds, you see a backpack nearby. You quickly grab it, but somebody throws a knife at your arm. You survive and get away. Now what?

      • Take the knife out and keep it for attack.
      • Don't make any noise. Take the knife out and wait for the heat to die down.
      • Find water, you're original destination to clean it out.
      • Whoever in your team can use it most ( If you have one )
      • Pretend to lie down and die, then sneak an attack.
    • You're wound has become infected and you're in pain. A younger tribute offers you help in exchange for some food you obtained.

      • Kill her. You can do it yourself.
      • Take the deal, it will do you best.
      • Tell her no thanks, but give her food anyways to help her.
      • Accept and then run away. You don't want to get hurt.
      • Accept after she helps you, then kill her.
    • You had went to sleep, when you hear nearby tributes. What do you do?

      • Rely on your team to help you out.
      • Stay hidden until they go away.
      • Compromise with them to leave you alone.
      • Kill them before they kill you.
      • Throw a rock to hit something away from you, to stir them away from you.
    • You have survived 5 nights, and 5 tributes remain. Through out the nights, you had no choice but to kill someone and acquire a teammate. All of your original teammates are dead. Now what?

      • When your teammate is sleeping, kill them. It will help you win.
      • As much as it sucks, you have to abandon your teammate. You can only win solo.
      • Stay loyal, and do what it takes to keep each other alive.
      • Work with my teammate to kill anyone we see. It's now or never.
      • Get ready with traps, and stay near natural resources.
    • You are face to face with the other last tribute. What do you do?

      • Plead and cry, then attempt to kill them.
      • Sacrifice myself-- It will be the best thing to do.
      • Run in the way of previous traps you had put up, maybe they will get trapped in one.
      • Attempt to kill them right away, after some threats.
      • Stand my ground and fight in self defense.
    • All your decisions were wise, and you won the Hunger Games. You are awarded your fame, food, and glory. Now what?

      • Suck in the fame and glory, you''re ready for a change.
      • For once, actually enjoy the attention.
      • Make your way home, and enjoy the life.
      • Thank everyone who has helped you survive.
      • Return to your family, to protect them.
    • Picture this: You're standing with the other members of your district, when you hear your name being called. What do you do?

      • Don't create any unwanted attention, just walk up.
      • Make a good impression on the other tributes.
      • Smile proudly at your foes and walk up.
      • Scream in joy. It's always been your dream to go in the arena.
      • You're scared, but you try not to let it show.
    • You're in training, where do you go first?

      • Survival techniques: Learn how to make a fire and hunt
      • Camouflage, battles are not for you.
      • Watch the other tributes and do whatever they're not good at.
      • Weapons, you need to be prepared.
      • The first thing you can get to, anything would help.
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