What Kind of Panem Survivor are You?

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  1. You Get a flat tire on a back road. What do you do?

    • Call a friend to come out and change the tire for you. You have all the parts, you just need some manpower.
    • Pull over to the side of the road and pull out your car jack and spare tire. It's not going to change itself.
    • Call your roadside assistance and wait for someone to arrive and change the tire for you.
    • Call a friend to come a pick you up. You're already running late and the tire can wait until a more convenient time to be changed.
  2. There's a weather alert saying that a hurricane is headed your way. What do you do?

    • Listen to see what the officials are recommending for the people in your area do to. You don't want to evacuate unless absolutely necessary.
    • Run to the store and stock up on supplies. You can probably wait out the storm if there is enough food and water to last a few days.
    • Stock up on booze. If you're going to be stuck in a storm, you don't want to run out of your most important resource.
    • Check the radar and the projected path of the storm to see if it makes more sense to leave instead of staying put.
  3. You lost your cell phone. How do you find it?

    • You retrace your steps in order to see if you left it at any place you've visited that day.
    • You buy a pre-paid phone, call your phone and hope someone answers so you can ask where they are.
    • You head to a friend's house and convince them to lend you their phone until you can find your own.
    • You don't. You go to the store and renew your contract so you can get the latest phone for free. What a great excuse!
  4. Your boat lost power in the ocean and now you're drifting out to sea. What do you do?

    • Check your instruments to see where you are and radio in to the local coast guard. While you're waiting, check to see if you can fix the engine yourself.
    • Turn your fellow passengers into ship shape sailors. Have someone check the food supply, someone else radio for help while you supervise.
    • Check out the food supply so you can fully assess how devastating this issue really is. No need to panic and jump ship just yet.
    • What's the big deal? I love the water. I'll just spend a couple more days out here until I can fix the issue.
  5. You were accidentally locked in a store after hours. How do you handle the situation?

    • I'll call for help eventually. Right now I need to try on every pair of shoes I can find.
    • Hunker down in a pile of clothes on the floor. It won't be too long before the store opens again and I can get out of here.
    • Use the supplies in the cashier's counter top to jimmy the lock open. Hopefully I don't set off any alarms.
    • Try every door just to be sure I'm actually locked in and then search the grounds for any sign of police or security to assist me.
  6. Describe your best friend.

    • Someone who is kind, loyal and straightforward to a fault.
    • Someone who enjoys being outdoors a lot and is not afraid to get a little dirty.
    • Someone who will do what I ask without hesitation because they know they can trust me.
    • Someone who is caring and loving and has a green thumb.
  7. What do you want in a significant other?

    • Someone who can look past the exterior and see who I really am.
    • Someone who is not fickle and knows that they want me alone and not anyone else.
    • Someone who really knows how to run a household and keep everyone on schedule.
    • Someone who always needs me and can't live without me.
  8. It's Christmas Eve and you just started your holiday shopping. How do you handle this?

    • Don't panic. I can get everyone an I.O.U. for things that I know they'd appreciate like a babysitter for the night or a foot rub.
    • I'll make them something myself. Maybe a Christmas ornament or a candle.
    • I'll make a list of everyone I need to buy for and what ideas I had for them. Then I'll map out a route to each store I need to visit.
    • Hit up everyone I know and see what they are getting the people on my list so I can be sure to get them something even better.
  9. You just watched a friend shoplift from the local grocery store. How do you approach this?

    • Report them to the authorities. There's never a good excuse to break the law.
    • Understand that this store must be an easy target for the next time you want to do the same thing.
    • Offer to cover the cost of the item for them so that they do not get caught by the authorities.
    • Do nothing. They're in need right now and may not have been able to afford what they stole.
  10. What does your ideal home look like?

    • Tree house or cabin in the woods
    • Beach house by the ocean
    • Modern apartment in the city
    • Farm house in the country
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