Spider-Verse: Which Spider-Man Are You?

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Are you the courageous Amazing Spider-Man? Or are you the dark and serious Superior Spider-Man?

  1. Would you consider yourself...

    • Goofy
    • Strategic
    • Different from people who came before you
    • Heroic
    • Missing someone you love
  2. What is your favorite color?

    • Red
    • None of these
    • White
    • Black
  3. What do you care about most?

    • Being the Funny Guy
    • The People You Love
    • Getting the Job Done
    • Responsibility
    • Living Up To Someone
  4. Who is your nemesis?

    • I Don't Know... Am I the Bad Guy?
    • A Turkey Goblin
    • My Boyfriend/Girlfriend
    • My Best Friend's Dad
    • My Uncle
  5. Why are you Spider-Man?

    • Because With Great Power, There Must Also Come Great Responsibility
    • Because I'm the Only Spider-Man Left in This City
    • Because I Feel Responsibility For A Lost Life
    • I Don't Know... Because I Want To
    • I'm Trying to Redeem Myself from Past Mistakes
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