Pulp Fiction 'quotable quiz'.

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I know it's a terrible habit, but whenever I re-watch my favourite films I can't help but 'quote along'.. See how well you remember the conversations and banters between characters from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Try and match the quote or conversation with what's happening in the images.

    • Jules - "MMM... This is a TASTY burger."
    • Jules - "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger... And you will know my name as the LORD."
    • Jules - "Describe what Marcellus Wallace LOOKS like.. Does he look like a b**ch!?"
    • Vincent - "You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?"
    • Vincent - "Well you've GOTTA have an opinion."
    • Vincent - "Where the f**k is Toluca Lake?"
    • Vincent - "Well why don't you tell him at the same time why? I bet you $10,000 he laughs his ass off."
    • Vincent - "Would you give a guy a foot massage?"
    • Jules "Since then he kinda developed a speech impediment." Vincent - "That's a damn shame."
    • Jules - "A foot massage is nothin' I give my mother a foot massage."
    • Jules - "Take her OUT?"
    • Ringo - " You know I love you Honey Bunny."
    • Ringo - "I'm ready. Right now lets do it."
    • Ringo - "You the idea of taking their wallets, now that was a good idea." Honey Bunny - " Thank you."
    • Ringo - "I heard they have really great pancakes at this place."
    • Vincent - "What was your special?" Mia - "Knives."
    • Mia - "It was about a team of secret agents named Fox Force 5."
    • Mia - "Could you umm, roll me one of those cowboy?"
    • Vincent - "I heard you did a pilot." Mia - "That was my 15 minutes."
    • Vincent - "One drink and that's it. Don't be rude, drink you drink, but do it quickly."
    • Vincent - "You'll be a woman soon, I promise."
    • Vincent - "I'm gonna take a piss."
    • Vincent - "Walk out the door get in the car, go home and that's all you're gonna do."
    • Captain Koons - " The way your dad looked at it this watch, it was your birth right."
    • Captain Koons - "This was your great grand father's war watch and he wore it everyday..."
    • Captain Koons - "Up until then, people just carried pocket watches."
    • Captain Koons - "Your dad had to hide the watch in his ass, and it still keeps perfect time."
    • Jules - "Man we should have shotguns for this."
    • Jules - "I'm getting too old for this sh*t.' Vincent - "Yeah you are (chuckles)."
    • Vincent - "But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is? Jules - "What?" Vincent - "Just little differences..."
    • Jules - "Yeah but, you are aware that there is an invention called television and on this invention they show shows right?" Vincent - "Yeah."
    • Vincent - "It would've been worth his doing it, just so I could catch him doing it."
    • Vincent - "And if it's as good as you say it is I'll come back and buy another thousand."
    • Vincent - " You know I just got back from Amsterdam..."
    • Lance - "Mi casa Zu casa." Vincent - "Gracias."
    • Mia - "I said GOT DAMN!"
    • Mia - "Excuse me ladies, I'm in bit of a rush."
    • Mia - "My makeup looks better than all of yours."
    • Mia - "WOOOOOOOOOOOO."
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