Which Comic Book Character Are You? (Unisex Quiz)

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Let's see what you're hiding behind that all too convincing alter-ego shall we...

  1. While sneaking about your favorite roof tops you hear the scream of a damsel in distress from a nearby alleyway... Do you?

    • Move to a better vantage point and survey the situation from above before acting.
    • Lose control at the sound of the screams and wake up days later with no shoes, a splitting headache and a belly full of goat.
    • Fight the bad guys and kidnap the damsel in distress yourself.
    • Take no notice except for enjoying the usual feeling you get from hearing the sound of helpless innocents screaming.
    • Do nothing because you are not a super-hero/villain... In fact you don't even know why you are up here on the roofs, maybe you should just go home.
    • Assemble your team and go to work...
    • Take your true form and follow the screams.
    • See no use for organic life or their screams and continue about your day without interruption from pesky bio-organisms.
    • Move to a better vantage point and just watch the chaos play out while quietly laughing to yourself.
    • Do everything in your power to save the damsel and defeat the bad guys.
  2. Someone you care about is getting dangerously close to figuring out who you really are... Do you?

    • NEVER tell them and do everything within your power to make sure that they NEVER find out... They would be in too much danger from your enemies.
    • Tell them and hope that they understand and keep your secret identity a secret.
    • Leave the city and go far away where no-one can find you and let things blow over.
    • I can calculate a million possibilities in a single attosecond but I can not "love". I care for no-one.
    • Wipe their memory and pretend they were in a car accident while you monitor them from a hospital bed.
    • Spend days following them around and figuring out their threat-level before deciding on a course of action.
    • Care about?.. I don't care about anyone, I am a being of pure HATE!
    • Destroy them and move on because NOBODY can know your secret!
    • Take no notice as they only think what you want them to think...
    • Let them know and let them tell who they like because the only secret identity you have is your online forum handle of "Brony4Life69".
  3. Which phrase do you think applies most to you?

    • I will feast on the ashes of my cosmic genocide and burn planets on the very suns that surround them!
    • I wanted to be something before I was consumed by this rage.
    • I am nothing without my team and they are nothing without me. We will protect all that we can at any cost to ourselves that it may bring.
    • I will rule this realm by force if necessary.
    • I feel trapped inside myself and lost within my own mind but I still have a duty to try and help.
    • Laughing in the face and kicking the ass of evil is what I do!
    • 1100001010010011 100110 00110 11001011
    • I do what I do because I love you... And even though you don't show it, you need me too... HAHAHAHA!
    • I am fueled by pain and hatred but I have sworn to protect those who cannot protect themselves!
    • I don't have any powers but there must be something I can do to help!?
  4. After a five issue battle with your arch-enemy you are in desperate need of a new headquarters... Do You?

    • Buy a large property/mansion while disguised and make your own modifications to the place.
    • Move in with friends/teammates until things get back to normal.
    • Just use one of the many other hide-outs that you have throughout the city.
    • Instruct your many minions to rebuild your lair and to make it bigger, better & possibly lemony scented (Depending on preference).
    • Build a new lair out of the bones of the many you have slain...
    • Give up being a super-hero/villain...
    • Apply for a mortgage like everyone else and start booking viewings in an area you like.
    • Take to the first road you find and just carry on walking until you find some sort of small village to liberate and lead.
    • Create a new HQ in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your powers and the surrounding landscape.
    • Rock up to you arch-enemies place and just take over their HQ.
  5. How did you get your powers?

    • I was desperate... I made a deal with some bad people and am now no longer who I was.
    • I am a GOD!... These are not powers, they are my birth right!
    • I was trained after losing people close to me.
    • A freak accident gave them to me...
    • What powers?
    • I have these powers because I deserve these powers... I am all powerful and always will be!
    • The person I love gave them to me...
    • You tell me... It was your race that made me.
    • It was an accident involving irradiation...
    • I don't have any powers, unless you count typing 64 words a minute a power?
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