Would You be a Marvel Hero...Or Villain?

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It's possibly the biggest question in Marveldom (other than that whole Civil War dealio) - If you were in the Marvel Universe, would you be a hero...or a villain? The best part? This here quiz'll give you a pretty darned definitive answer...

  1. You're about to start a new job at a prestigious law firm - but what's your area of expertise?

    • Family Law - I'm good with people.
    • Criminal Law - I'm a born prosecutor.
    • Personal Injury Law - I like profit.
    • Tax Law - I know all the loopholes.
    • Corporate Law - I love me some big business.
  2. So. It's your first day, and you're working away in your cubicle, minding your own business. Suddenly, an explosion rocks the building. What's your first response?

    • Head straight for the stairs.
    • Make sure my coworkers are OK.
    • Take the chance to steal some office supplies.
    • Follow the emergency evacuation procedure.
    • Head for the exits, and make sure everyone else gets out with me.
  3. Everyone's made it out safely - except for Janet from accounting, who's still trapped inside. What're you going to do?

    • Help the emergency services as best I can.
    • Head back in. Someone has to help her, and it looks like it's going to be me.
    • Head in to help - but make sure there are cameras on me first.
    • Hit on an attractive member of her immediate family.
    • Head home - there's nothing I can do.
  4. Somehow, you find yourself a hero - it seems your boss credited your quick thinking with saving a whole lot of lives. A news crew ask you for a comment: What do you tell them?

    • "You're all fools. Fools, I say!"
    • "My bank details are..."
    • "Hi, Mom"
    • "I'm not the real hero - the police, fire department and paramedics are."
    • "I just did what anyone else would've done."
  5. Before too long, you start noticing mysterious...symptoms. That glowing green rock you moved out of the way during the fire must've been more than it seemed. Soon, you develop super powers. Who do you tell about them, though?

    • No-one. I don't want anyone to get hurt.
    • My cute neighbor. If this doesn't impress them, nothing will.
    • My fence.
    • My family - I can trust them.
    • My new agent.
  6. You start to get the hang of your new powers - which let you turn invisible whenever you choose. Where do you decide to try them out?

    • The library.
    • The park.
    • The school locker room.
    • The old abandoned warehouse down the street.
    • My best friend's house - who else am I going to prank?
  7. While you're on your way there, though, you spot a mugging in progress. The guy has a gun, though - What do you do?

    • Beat the snot out of the mugger.
    • Put myself in between the mugger and his victim.
    • Steal the mugger's wallet without him noticing.
    • Take him out with as little force as possible.
    • Stay the hell away. It's none of my business.
  8. A few weeks later, you decide you've got a pretty good handle on your new powers - but you still need a codename. What do you go with?

    • The Night Wanderer
    • Invisiblo
    • Kid Invisible
    • The Groper
    • The Vanisher
  9. Soon, despite your best efforts, you find yourself being pursued by cops, for a crime you (probably) didn't commit. They corner you in a dark alley. What do you do?

    • Turn myself in.
    • Try to explain that I'm innocent.
    • Explosions. Just so many explosions.
    • Fight my way out.
    • Find another way out - I'm invisible, remember?
  10. You end up in jail all the same - but what's your response?

    • Anyone up for a jailbreak?
    • I predict a riot...
    • Respect the system - the appeals process'll exonerate me.
    • Make the best of it - and a fortune selling contraband.
    • Sneak out, quietly. The world needs me.
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