Are You a Freak or a Geek?

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Burnout? Dork? Settle your internal dispute now.

  1. Would you rather ...

    • Spend your day at school. You like learning.
    • I guess school so I can hang out with my friends.
    • Go to school just to skip class and go shoot some hoops.
  2. What's your favorite subject

    • Math
    • Lol like I give a crap
    • Does lunch count?
  3. It's Halloween you can be found

    • Egging peoples cars dughh
    • At my church or community apple bobbing event
    • Dressing up in my favorite characters and scoring some candy
  4. Your hobbies include

    • Comics, tv, hanging and out with my friends
    • Drums, hanging with friends and getting wasted
    • Volunteering, lots of after school activities and babysitting
  5. Your friends are having a party with beer

    • I'm the designated driver. I've made a pledge not to drink tonight so I can drive home safely.
    • Yesssss point me to the keg!
    • What if we switch the kegs?!
  6. You find out one of your parent's is having an affair you

    • Who care's what my parents do anyway
    • Freak out and search for the other wrong doer
    • That would never happen so this question doesn't apply
  7. Your family dinners consist of ..

    • Usually my dad yelling and my mom being passive agressive
    • On a good night? Some cold fast food is left aside for me
    • Prayers and good company
  8. There's a math test tomorrow that count's for a ridiculous percent of your final grade you ...

    • invite my pals over for a study session.
    • Study as per usual. Maybe make some flash cards and quiz myself.
    • Enlist the help of your friend to steal the answers to the test
  9. Which of the following frightens you the most

    • Jail, Girls, and my dad after a long day at work. Did I mention girls?
    • I'd like to think I'm fearless but in all honesty I'm most scared of the future
    • Hell or the Devil. And B's B's scare me a lot.
  10. What are your plans after graduation

    • College probably, but I might just join the peace corps instead
    • I plan on following my favorite band on tour till I run out of money
    • I guess go to college? Maybe work in the family business
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