Which DC Super-Villain Are You?

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Are you a villainous conquer, a clown prince of crime or a mad scientist?

  1. Pick a color!

    • Yellow!
    • Green!
    • Black!
    • Purple!
    • Blue!
    • Red!
    • White!
  2. Pick a fictional character!

    • Captain America from the Marvel films!
    • Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson series!
    • Thor from the Marvel films!
    • The Heisenberg from Breaking Bad!
    • Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars!
    • Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs!
    • Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street!
  3. Pick the job of your dreams!

    • A legendary thief and protector of the innocent!
    • I'd like to join the Peace Corps!
    • An Olympic champion!
    • I would make a great comedian!
    • A King!
    • An explorer and treasure hunter!
    • An inventor!
  4. Pick a villainous lair!

    • A black submarine!
    • The Hall of Doom!
    • A deserted amusement park!
    • My own planet!
    • A deserted ice museum!
    • An ancient palace!
    • The deep space!
  5. What are you going to do as a villain?

    • Rob the town's banks!
    • Destroy the ones I hate!
    • I'm going to work as a hired killer!
    • Conquer planets and alternate universes!
    • I have the powers of the gods! I can do anything!
    • Seek global domination!
    • Create some chaos!
  6. Would you ever help the heroes fight another villain?

    • They say I'm a villain! I say that I'm humanity's only hope!
    • I would try to steal the villain's power and destroy the heroes!
    • Only if I hate this other villain!
    • Only to prove my superiority!
    • Yes! In fact, I'm not that evil!
    • Only if the villain threatens my existance!
    • Of course not! I'm trully evil!!
  7. A fellow criminal is injured! If you help him, you may be captured! How do you act?

    • I help him, if he deserves my help!
    • I don't really care...
    • I help him! My allies are my friends!
    • I help him, if he is a valuable ally.
    • I let him suffer!
    • I kill him, in order for him not to suffer!
    • I ask him to forgive me and I let him there.
  8. Weapon of choice?

    • Laughing gas!
    • My power ring!
    • A harpoon!
    • An armored tech suit!
    • The power of thunder!
    • My ice gun!
    • My Omega beams!
  9. A super-villain team asks you to join the group! Which position would you like to take?

    • Since I'm going to be with my friends, I don't really care!
    • The silent and cool guy!
    • I'm going to be the leader!
    • I'm going to be the one that does the dirty work!
    • I destroy the group! I'm far more powerful than them!
    • Who cares? IIIIIIIIt's party time!
    • I'm the muscles of the team!
  10. What does "death" mean to you?

    • I'll kill everyone in order to rule!
    • I always sense the fear of death in my enemy's eyes when we fight!
    • Death= Chaos= Fun
    • I'm an immortal being! I don't care about death!
    • I never kill!
    • It's part of the job!
    • It's the punishment that I shall bring to my enemies!
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