Which Chronicles of Narnia Character Are You?

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Discover your inner Narnia with this fun and easy quiz.

  1. Out of your group of friends you are...

    • Brave
    • All of the above
    • The leader
    • The wallflower
    • Curious
    • Optimistic
    • A real go-getter
    • Adamant
    • Sensitive
  2. What is your favorite color?

    • Light blue
    • Teal
    • Dark blue
    • Orange
    • White
    • Magenta
    • Yellow
    • Red
  3. If money were no object, what would be your dream vacation?

    • Narnia
    • Staycation
    • The tropics
    • Paris
    • Antarctica
    • Grand Canyon in Arizona
    • The Rocky Mountains
    • Italy
  4. If you were stranded on an island with nothing but a lighter and knife what would you do?

    • Try to find shelter
    • Use the lighter to start a fire
    • Use the knife to spear a fish with, or to cut whatever plants you may find
    • You do not need anything but your strength and wisdom
    • Kill everything in sight, and set the place on fire. Everything on it is yours for the taking.
    • Be resourceful with all of the items you have
    • Just hope that someone will find you soon...
  5. What do you think of the magical wardrobe?

    • Skeptical...
    • Nothing but wood if you ask me!
    • I live just on the other side in a magical forest.
    • Nonsense, never heard of it.
    • Open the door and enter, who knows what could be on the other side!
    • Magical Wardrobe? What magical wardrobe?
    • Impossible!
  6. If you came across talking beavers you would..

    • Call them 'friend' and invite them in for tea
    • Trust them
    • Strike them down, how dare they speak to you!
    • Question their standing with the White Witch
    • Know that they mean no harm
    • Believe they are undoubtedly not to be trusted
    • Hear them out, they have a voice too.
    • Stay where you are
  7. You would rather be...

    • Valued
    • Loved
    • Respected
    • Guided
    • Trusted
    • Worshipped
    • Noticed
    • Honored
  8. If crowned king or queen of Narnia you would rule over...

    • The Clear Northern Sky
    • Cair Paravel
    • Charn
    • All of Narnia
    • The Radiant Southern Sun
    • The Great Western Wood
    • The Glistening Eastern Sea
  9. What would you have with you in the battlefield?

    • Sword
    • Dagger
    • Staff
    • Hooves, and a strong back kick
    • Bow and Arrow
    • My resilience
    • Shield
    • I will sit this one out...
  10. What do you value most?

    • Power
    • Loyalty
    • Love
    • Integrity
    • Intelligence
    • Safety
    • Money
    • Friendship
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